Decorative Cement: continuous coating to create spaces without construction work

Over the years, decorative techniques and the products that are developed, have continued to evolve to achieve maximum performance and high-quality results. Decorative cement is one of those products that was born to create exclusive surfaces, through a simple and quick procedure.

Shower where decorative cement has been used entirely

One of the most bothersome parts of decorative renovations is the time and money that must be dedicated to the construction process. With decorative cement you get a product that thanks to its mode of application, does not need to be installed, as it adapts directly on the original support.

This, among many other properties, has caused more and more professionals to be interested in this decorative cement as the product to bet on in their decorative renovations, guaranteeing durable surfaces of long useful life and with a wide variety of decorative finishes that will create spaces with an aesthetic made to measure.

What is decorative cement?

In decorative cement we find one of the materials that is leading interior decoration, as well as exteriors, being a multifunctional material, very easy to work with, that ensures surfaces with great potential in terms of resistance and a high value creative offer.

It is composed of cement, resins, additives and mineral pigments, creating a material of a scant 2-3 mm in thickness that allows for coating any space without affecting the stability of the structural load.

One of its main advantages lies in its great versatility to be applied on almost any type of support. Thanks to its high adhesion it is capable of coating all kinds of surface, such as walls, ceilings, floors, furniture... It can be applied on marble, tiles, concrete, cement, metal, plasterboard, tiles, glass mosaic, among many others.

Such is its potential that more and more professional profiles are becoming interested in acquiring this product for their decorative projects. From architects, interior designers, decorators, construction companies and individuals; they have found a high-performance material that brings life to restaurants, hotels, parks, homes, swimming pools, bathrooms, garages, facades, sports areas, leisure stores, etc.

As you can see, it knows no bounds. Both exteriors and interiors are under its control, however, we will explain in more detail below what its advantages are that make it so efficient and popular in the decorative landscape.

Advantages of decorative cement, quality made product

It is necessary to stand out in order to differentiate from other products. That is why decorative cement is so well-known, as it offers unique properties ensuring exclusive finishes of high decorative value.

Bathroom with shower and wall decorated with decorative cement

Uniformity without joints thanks to decorative cement

It could be said that this is one of its star qualities, the ability to coat any surface giving it a characteristic continuous aspect free of joints. Decorative cement has the advantage of not requiring expansion joints, which prevents dust from accumulating in the grooves and greatly facilitates the cleaning of spaces. Both walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, and any other medium, will display a particular uniform and smooth appearance that will impress everyone.

Successful finishes with great durability

Its capability in terms of resistance is such that thanks to decorative cement, surfaces can enjoy a longer useful life and in better conditions. This material resists high ambient humidity, abrupt changes in temperature, abrasion, pedestrian traffic, impacts, scratches, and stains.

This makes it the ideal product to cover all kinds of rooms, as it will guarantee the quality of the material in all of them. Bathrooms, kitchens, facades, terraces, gardens... No matter the factor to which it is exposed, decorative cement will be effective against it.

Customized finishes with decorative cement

One of its great advantages is the high capacity it offers to create spaces with customized finishes that can represent any type of decorative style.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for a minimalist appearance, or perhaps to lean towards the rustic or even vintage or natural; decorative cement is so varied that it can recreate a wide variety of textures and colors, allowing the results to lean towards one style or another.

Safe environments with an excellent non-slip finish

Decorative cement has the ability to create safe spaces thanks to its magnificent non-slip finish. A property that is especially necessary when it comes to covering rooms where safety is a priority, such as hospitals, nurseries, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, and much more.

Decorative cement is more economical

Thanks to its easy and quick installation, decorative cement stands out for providing great decorative results in a very economical way. This is because it does not require heavy machinery, nor a long execution time, being able to apply the product directly onto the original support, which avoids the construction process.

This results in optimizing both labor and resources, all while maintaining the quality of the surfaces.

Application areas of decorative concrete: limitless

Decorative concrete is a very versatile product and can be used in a wide variety of areas of the house, both outdoors and indoors. Below, we will analyze where it will be most suitable to use decorative concrete and what aspects should be taken into account when choosing the right product.

In general, decorative concrete is used as an alternative to concrete or brick in areas where a finer and more elegant finish is desired. Its smooth and compact surface makes it ideal for cladding walls and floors, as it allows for a very polished finish. However, it is also possible to find decorative concrete in panel and tile format, which makes it easier to use in other areas of the house, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

It is a very versatile product and can be used in a wide variety of areas. However, it is important to consider the use that will be given to the product in order to choose the right type of decorative concrete.

Lounge connected to terrace and floor covered with decorative cement

Decorative concrete for walls

In many cases, the walls are the big forgotten ones, since the floor usually gets all the attention when a decorative renovation is carried out. However, here comes decorative concrete, which achieves such dazzling results for a wall that it will become one of your favorite surfaces.

They have the advantage of not receiving the impacts and wear and tear of transit, which is why they are better preserved and are not given as much attention when it comes to renovating them. However, sooner or later the wear and tear of time ends up acting and that is why it is necessary to decorate the surface with a material that favors quality over time and with a distinctive aesthetic.

Decorative concrete on walls allows the surface to remain intact over time. To this is added all the advantages previously described. It does not matter if the wall is interior or exterior facades, as it will be equally effective both functionally and aesthetically.

Decorative concrete for floors

As for floors, decorative concrete is an ideal option for those areas of the house that require a more resistant finish, such as corridors or kitchens. However, it can also be used in other areas of the house, such as the living room or bedroom. In any case, it is important to choose the right decorative concrete for the floor, since there are different types of products depending on the use that is going to be given.

Decorative concrete for outdoor areas

Another place where decorative concrete is often used is on balconies and terraces. Its resistance to weather makes it ideal for these areas, as it does not deteriorate over time. In addition, decorative concrete can be applied in various ways on terraces and balconies, allowing the creation of unique and personalized spaces.

Trends through decorative concrete

It offers such decorative potential that through a single product it gives rise to represent different interior design trends.

Decorative concrete creates superb minimalist spaces

Decorative concrete is an excellent option for those looking to achieve a minimalist style in their home. This type of concrete is very versatile and can be used in different ways to create a simple and modern environment.

One of the best features of decorative concrete is its ability to create a sense of continuity. When used on floors and walls, decorative concrete can help achieve a feeling of fluidity and cohesion in the space. This is especially effective in small spaces, where every inch of space is valuable.

Textured surfaces for a rustic space

Maybe minimalism is not your thing and you prefer a cozier appearance as is the case with the rustic style. Through decorative concrete it is also possible, as it has the ability to create surfaces with greater texture that manage to give spaces that rougher aspect characteristic of the rustic style.

In combination with wood and applying the appropriate colors, you will finally appreciate how your rooms look with the rural aspect you desired.

Colors, textures, and shapes of decorative cement for a natural style

This material, with a texture very similar to natural stone, cement or wood, is characterized by its durability, versatility, and ease of cleaning. It is a perfect solution for achieving a natural and welcoming atmosphere.

Decorative cement has become a highly popular element in interior design. This material offers great resistance to abrasions, high temperatures, and weather conditions. It is an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Its natural look allows the incorporation of decorative cement into any type of environment. It is a perfect solution for achieving a welcoming and natural atmosphere.

Opt for an eclectic style

Just as it is a specialist material for recreating environments with different decorative styles, it is also for producing an environment where an eclectic aesthetic is projected, mixing different trends that result in an original and exclusive space.

Maintenance and cleaning of decorative cement

Decorative cement is a popular option for interior and exterior decoration. It offers a durable and resistant finish, in addition to a wide variety of designs and styles. However, decorative cement requires special care to keep it in good condition and prevent damage.

The following are some maintenance tips for decorative cement surfaces:

Attic with surfaces decorated with decorative cement

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