Micro-cement coating on the wall of a minimalist style bedroom next to the MyRevest logo
Micro-cement coating on the wall of a minimalist style bedroom next to the MyRevest logo


Illustration of a two-story micro-cement house with stairs at the entrance

Who are we?

MyRevest is a microcement company specialized in the manufacture of this decorative coating. The essence of our work focuses on the small details that make a big difference for our customers.

We manufacture each of our products with the love and attention that the responsibility of guaranteeing an elegant and sophisticated coating gives to the professionals. We adapt to what the applicators need, to whom we ensure to teach and advise so that they get exquisite finishes in all their projects.

As a microcement company we think about making life easier for professionals and, therefore, we guarantee a resistant coating with maximum hardness. Any combination is possible to achieve the desired style and in addition, as if all this were not enough, we offer a warranty on the product for 10 years.

Advice for applicators in several languages

Our reason for being is based on making life easier for applicators. Thanks to our team of qualified and technically trained salespeople, we offer comprehensive advice on application processes and the most appropriate products for each project. We work for and for the professional.

Our salespeople work together with laboratory technicians and the marketing department to offer a quality service to the professional. If you are looking for a microcement manufacturer to create elegant and unique spaces, we are the solution.

Immediate solutions

The training of our professionals also allows us to offer immediate solutions to any problems that may arise in any project. We resolve any incident, cater to the client's needs and with our experience, we guide them in their decisions. We know microcement perfectly and we understand the importance of offering a service that adapts to the client's needs.

Training courses

Our training courses are taught by expert applicators who are up-to-date with all the latest in the microcement sector, both in terms of new materials and in the application of coverings on different surfaces. The courses are structured in several levels, which allows for teaching to be adapted to the needs of any professional in the construction world.

The training is intended for both the expert applicator who wants to polish their skills, and the professional who has never worked with this material. In the courses, the complete application process is covered, from the preparation of the substrate to the application of the sealing.

High quality training with which you will obtain the basic knowledge and necessary techniques to apply the different MyRevest products.

Speed in the preparation of shipments

We strive to satisfy the customer with a guaranteed service, both in technical advice and in the availability of our products. The speed in the preparation of shipments is one of our hallmarks and we always have stock. We guarantee that each project will have the best materials.

Application of micro-cement with a steel trowel