Black and white image with a professional on a ladder applying a primer coat on a wall
Black and white image with a professional on a ladder applying a primer coat on a wall


Several layers of primer on a microcement surface

MyPrimer is the range of primers destined to consolidate the surface where the microcement will be applied. When coating a surface, the preparation process is key to achieving good results.

For this reason MyRevest has developed a line of primers that consolidate the support and facilitate the adherence of the microcement to the existing surface. A prior coating to the application of microcement that allows sealing pores, in addition to protecting and isolating the surface.

It is the product line designed to improve the application of the first layers of microcement on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Take the first step to achieve a professional and top-quality finish.



It is the primer that strengthens the surface and regulates absorption. It is the product designed to achieve an optimal pre-treatment of the surface before the application of the microcement.

Microcement coating on the floor of a house overlooking a garden and decorated in a minimalist style
Microcement finish in a house kitchen decorated with light and Nordic tones


It is a ready-to-use adhesion promoter on non-absorbent surfaces. High-quality, solvent-free product that strengthens the surface to be coated and improves adhesion of the microcement layer.


It is the primer with aggregate that is used to achieve perfect anchoring of microcement on slippery and low absorption surfaces. It comes ready to use.

Microcement coating in a long hallway that connects to the upper floor of the house
Gray microcement kitchen to which the two-component epoxy system has been applied to block moisture


It is the resin epoxy two-component and is the best ally to block moisture or water vapor that comes from the substrate. It is a high-quality product that does not contain solvents.
It can be applied to wet concrete and tiles, to prevent joints from being marked on the microcement coating.

What is the purpose of the primer in microcement?

The primer is the first step that the professional applicator must master to achieve finishes of the highest quality.
As a product that acts as a bond bridge it offers several advantages:

-It improves the adhesion of the microcement to the substrate to be coated

-It reinforces the coating protection on porous and non-porous surfaces

-It is a quick-drying product that facilitates varnishing and finishes of the microcement

-It prevents the surface from absorbing the moisture from the substrate

Microcement adhesion promoter applied by roller on a cement support

When to use primers?

When we talk about primers, we are referring to substrates that need preparation or that have been previously stripped. Primers can be applied to all types of surfaces, but they offer different solutions depending on the space in which they are applied.

Its use is especially significant when microcement is to be applied on porous surfaces. In this case, the function of the primer is to prevent the surface from absorbing more material than desired when the professional proceeds to apply the first layers of microcement.
It is also recommended when the surface to be covered does not have the necessary adherence, something that happens with smoother materials such as glass or metal.

Its application is also advised on soft, dusty or heavily deteriorated surfaces. In the latter case, the area will require prior sanitation and the application of a primer for the surface to uniformly absorb the microcement.

It is also an extra and necessary help on those surfaces that require protection against moisture. Check out our range of primers and get to know our products.