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Microcement in Fort Wayne: specialists in coatings

We manually oversee and care for each step of the production process of our coatings, our range of products is so comprehensive that it meets the needs of industry professionals. At MyRevest® we also offer our customers cleaning and maintenance products.

Microcement: a material worked in an artisanal way

The coatings we produce stand out from other construction materials for their resistance to abrasion and sudden temperature changes.

With the variety of textures and sealing varnishes that we offer in our catalog, professionals can find products that match the styles they want to achieve according to their tastes and needs.

Below, we explain the different products that you can find on our website.

Elegant bathroom with wall and floor covered in microcement in Barcelona

For lovers of the purest rustic style, at MyRevest® we wanted to offer a preparation microcement capable of giving the space a stony appearance. This is MyBase, a medium-grain material with strong adhesion and high resistance delicately made by our experts, for application both on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

We focus on the work of the professional, we offer various options according to each situation and surface to be coated, in our catalog we have this product, MyWall and MyFloor as two-component and one-component.

Advantages of remodeling with microcement in Fort Wayne

For professionals looking to achieve coatings with a high decorative value on walls and ceilings, we have manufactured MyWall. A fine-grain microcement that allows to obtain a smooth surface with finishes of pure elegance and silky to the touch.

As masters of coatings, we place great importance on the working process of the applicators, putting in their hands a finishing microcement with good workability and hardness.

Renew any surface in the fastest way

As not all surfaces are the same, neither are construction materials. We understand that indoor floors require specific characteristics, like our microcement MyFloor, it is equipped with anti-slip properties that make it the best option for bathrooms, especially for sinks, shower trays, stairs and countertops.

We pay close attention to the manufacture of our products to provide our customers with the latest in decorative coatings, this coating also presents elegant and natural finishes. You can find the different grain sizes it offers in our catalog.

Continuous surfaces easy to clean

When it comes to deciding to renovate spaces, finding construction materials is not an easy task. There are endless possibilities for each of the surfaces you want to renovate and the different finishes you want to achieve. At MyRevest®, we choose to bet on microcement as the ideal coating for all types of renovations, whatever the type of work you want to do.

We like to make the microcement in Fort Wayne with mastery, that is why we start our best experts in the manufacture, sale and application of this material. Our customers are first, through the artisan work we provide them with the latest decorative solutions capable of adjusting to the needs of each professional in the sector.

We are present in each of the production phases of this coating by implementing all types of cutting-edge technology, from the laboratory phase to its subsequent sale. Our experts work laboriously carefully each of the products we offer to offer professionals the best market coating.

Infinite aesthetic possibilities

It is no coincidence that microcement has become the favorite material of professionals. It is a material that has very advanced properties and is applied in an artisanal way to create unique spaces in interiors and exteriors. A know-how that makes a difference in every job done with MyRevest® coatings.

Textures and finishes of MyRevest® microcement

What is characteristic of this material is that despite its thin thickness, it is able to withstand blows and temperature changes, such as humidity, since it neither contracts nor expands. Its great flexibility, resistance to impacts and adherence to all types of surfaces that it presents, make it the best option to coat all types of supports. Thanks to this coating, renovating your spaces is easier, faster and more economical.

Microcement sales in Fort Wayne: MyRevest® products

Our passion is microcement, we make its elaboration an art. The coatings that we offer to the customer are the result of the tireless dedication that we have towards this sector. As our experts are supervising every millimeter of the products, we can offer professionals the guarantee that our material is a continuous coating that does not crack over time.

One of the great advantages of this material is that its thin thickness makes the application process more practical than other construction materials, achieving adhesion to any surface without the need to previously remove the existing support. This coating is so versatile that it can be applied on interior, exterior surfaces and even those that are in direct contact with water.

Our catalog has all types of systems that adjust to the conditions and needs of the microcement applicators in Fort Wayne and its surroundings.

Living room fully coated with microcement in Fort Wayne

Our applicators have devoted their whole lives to microcement, working with delicacy and mastery on the product to offer impeccable results to those who trust in us and our products.

As a microcement company, we offer comprehensive advice on our coatings, from how they are applied to how to get the best performance from them. If you're planning a renovation, whether it's your home or office, and you want to know more about this coating and its subsequent application, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Living room coated with microcement in Fort Wayne


For us, the application of coatings is an art and we want to share it with all professionals in the field. We're not only focused on selling microcement, but we also like to invest time in providing excellent training for both microcement applicators and those who have never worked with this material before.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge with us, we offer the chance to acquire a theoretical-practical training structured at various levels, where our experts will cover every step in the application of the coating that is revolutionizing the industry.

Would you like to be trained by our experts? If so, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


The rustic finish for outdoor surfaces is one of the most demanded options by professionals, we listen to the demands of the sector and we started manufacturing MyRock.

Its hardness makes it the perfect material to apply on terraces, porches, facades or ramps. It is prepared to withstand all types of temperature changes and its non-slip properties make it a safe walkable pavement. We have several granulometries available in our catalog.

Study room with microcement wall in Fort Wayne
Kitchen decorated with microcement pavement in Fort Wayne


Refurbishing any surface, whether walkable or not, in the blink of an eye is possible thanks to our range of MyReady Go! products. It is a ready-to-use microcement that improves productivity and considerably reduces application time, it is made to open and use.

As a result of the tireless work of our experts, we achieved a product with excellent finishes capable of conveying warmth, exclusivity and modernity. With it, vertical and horizontal surfaces will be endowed with great resistance and durability.


When we consider doing a renovation at home or in the office, it is important to take into account a series of factors that affect its budget. The same happens with this coating, we tell you the things to consider.

The price of microcement is influenced primarily by the initial state of the surface to be coated. This material must be applied to a base that is in perfect condition, if not, it will be necessary to carry out a reform and therefore, the price will increase.

Finally, another issue to consider is the type of surface to be coated, as well as its square meters. If it is a surface that requires specific techniques for its application, as is the case with swimming pools, the budget will increase. Of course, it is interesting to know that the more square meters of reform, the more of this material is needed and its price will be increased.

Garden coated with microcement in Fort Wayne
Spacious kitchen decorated with microcement flooring in Fort Wayne

MyReady Go! Ready to use

Regardless of the surface that professionals want to refurbish, MyRevest® is born as the best option. Why? The main reason is because its application does not require construction, it is capable of adhering to vertical, horizontal, indoor or outdoor surfaces. Our goal is achieved, the applicators of this coating optimize work time and manage to offer excellent results in all types of spaces.

In addition to facilitating work for applicators, individuals can renovate their homes without rubble or construction permits thanks to our products. Renovating rooms from top to bottom has never been as easy as with microcement.

Find out the price of microcement in Fort Wayne

The microcement that we produce at MyRevest® is capable of giving spaciousness to spaces, be they small or large, thanks to the absence of joints. Those who choose to bet on our products enjoy the tranquility of seeing their spaces covered by a continuous coating that, in turn, has the ability to reflect natural light to make rooms brighter.

Another benefit it offers is undoubtedly its easy cleaning and maintenance as dirt does not accumulate in it. The products we produce give spaces a modern and hygienic style.

Meet our microcement applicators in Fort Wayne

At MyRevest® we know in detail the needs of professionals in the sector, we know that depending on each space the finish that is wanted is one or another. Therefore, our microcement offers unlimited aesthetic options, we give applicators the opportunity to play with an infinity of textures and colors to achieve elegant and sophisticated results.

Discover all the selection of products that we have in our catalog and find the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Specialist microcement applicators in Fort Wayne

We train professionals with our microcement courses in Fort Wayne

The professionalism and mastery with which we work this coating gives us the opportunity to provide excellent finishes to those who trust us and our work. Crafted by our experts, our catalog is a world of textures and finishes full of possibilities to meet the demands and needs of the sector.

Providing spaciousness, brightness and personality, are some of the results that can be achieved when playing with the colors, varnishes and textures that we offer in our product catalog.

Contact our Fort Wayne delegation

If you want to receive more information about microcement in Fort Wayne and its budget, do not hesitate to contact us.