Microcement and wood: a tandem to dream about

The word home encompasses many meanings. It is our refuge, it is the hug we need after a long day, and the corner in which to shelter. Therefore, it is essential to pamper it and find the perfect decoration that dresses all its spaces to feel comfortable.

We all want the place, where we seek peace and warmth in equal parts, to adapt as much as possible to our tastes.

That's why you'll love knowing that there are two materials that are complementary and that can give your rooms that unique, different, and cozy style you're looking for: the wood and the microcement.

Blue micro-cement wall combined with wood to enhance the breadth of a modern style bathroom

Wood is a material known to all. It is present in many spaces of our lives and provides warmth in any room where it is present. Microcement is a decorative coating of thin thickness increasingly popular for its ability to grant sophistication and personality to any project.

The continuity it offers and its ability to keep the walls and floors joint-free make it an attractive and distinctive option.

A successful duo?: The microcement, fresh and modern, and the wood, soft and warm

Microcement can be applied on all types of firm and consolidated surfaces, but not on wood. The reality is that microcement and wood can coexist, but not mixed up. Both materials are so different in

dureza, color y tacto que su combinación da como resultado un ambiente con un estilo exquisito.

A wooden floor and a microcement wall offer more than a successful combination. It's a perfect duo that lives in harmony and allows for a space that exudes naturalness, simplicity, and warmth.

In addition to its versatility, microcement can be pigmented with any color offering a wide chromatic variety and requires surface treatments that waterproof it and make it non-slip.

You are surely beginning to consider the idea of combining microcement and wood, right? But apart from combining both materials, how can we achieve an environment that exudes naturalness and warmth? Today we bring you some tips that will help you achieve it:

Microcement and wood bathrooms

The bathroom is a space where microcement and wood are on the rise. Coating the floors with microcement and opting for tropical woods for furniture is ideal for lovers of elegant and classic designs.

It's a combination that provides resistance, durability, and at the same time allows for a pleasant and warm bath. It's a perfect alternative if we want to leave behind ceramic or porcelain materials.

Micro-cement in a small bathroom decorated with warm tones and a simple wooden cabinet under the sink

In addition, both materials can be given an anti-slip treatment, resulting in finishes that will resist the passage of time and help give the bathroom a modern style.

But if we prefer to go little by little, we can always put wood in small parts of the bathroom and thus we don't have to worry about the wood's contact with water. A tray for the bathtub, the shelf for towels and colognes, or the shelves where you leave the shampoo bottles are always ideal spaces to opt for wood.

Small details finished with wood perfectly complement the microcement, which reinforces the natural touch of the wood, gives the space a greater sense of spaciousness, and creates continuous surfaces with smooth plays of light and shadow.

Microcement and wood: an ideal combination in kitchens

Kitchens are perfect spaces to give a modern touch, a word that is associated perfectly with microcement and wood. Achieving a modern and functional kitchen is a challenge that is not at odds with simplicity or the variety of materials.

In this image, the microcement and the proximity of the wood enhance the classic style of the house. The wall tiles and warm colors are the icing on the decoration of a kitchen that conveys home warmth.

Micro-cement floor in a kitchen equipped with tiles on the walls and decorated in a classic style

The microcement floor that can be created with MyFloor helps to conquer light and provides a sense of spaciousness that other coverings cannot offer. The presence of a wicker lamp completes the appeal of a warm and natural design. The integration of microcement, with wood, tiles or wicker elevates the levels of kitchen inspiration and creates a space of high decorative value.

Why give up the tandem of microcement and wood in the rooms of the home that are exposed to a high degree of wear? There are many ways to combine them to make your home a temple of comfort.