Illustration with the MyRevest logo and several trees
Illustration with the MyRevest logo and several trees in the central part of the image.


Pine forest to illustrate the biodegradable components of the MyCleaner microcement cleaner.

MyCleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner especially suitable for microcement surfaces.

It is a slightly alkaline detergent for domestic use that has been designed to care for microcement surfaces with maximum effectiveness.

It is made with biodegradable ingredients that do not damage or wear away the protective layer of the coating.

Technical Characteristics

MyCleaner - Density

0,995 ± 0,005 g/mL

MyCleaner - pH

between 5.5 - 6.5

MyCleaner - Eco friendly

Eco friendly


Use 40 mL of the product per 5 L of water

Mycleaner biodegradable cleaner carafe

Application of the biodegradable cleaner MyCleaner

1 - Before using MyCleaner, it has to pass at least two weeks since the MySealant 2K varnish was applied to avoid damages to the surfaces.

2 - Dilute 40-50 mL of the product with 5 litres of water. The cleaner has a high degreasing power and is applied with a mop.

3 - MyCleaner can be applied directly to the surface or by diluting the product with water, depending on how dirty the surface is.

4 - The product can be used with a sponge, sprayer or scouring pad. It is suitable for cleaning walls, marble, tile, granite, stoneware, ceramic, polished concrete, and stainless steel surfaces.

Tips for a proper use of MyCleaner

- It is recommended to clean with hot water to soften fats and oils, which facilitates the action of the cleaner.

- Leave the product to act for 5 to 15 minutes to remove dirt.

- Rinse the surface with water before MyCleaner dries.