Composition with a phrase from the architect Juan Montoya and a wall of microcement pigmented with a sandy color
Composition with a phrase from the architect Juan Montoya and a wall of microcement pigmented with a sandy color


Office with floor of dark colored epoxy resin

Epoxy resin floor: the best industrial flooring


The epoxy resin floor has become one of the favorite options for decorators and interior designers in recent years thanks to its great versatility and avant-garde aesthetics.

Living room with black microcement wall

Microcement textures: unlimited finishes


Microcement textures offer the possibility of creating a unique personalization for each project without limit of options and finishes.

Kitchen with microcement coated wall over tiles

Microcement on tiles: advantages, tricks, and steps to follow


Microcement on tiles is one of the most carried out decorative renovations in recent years and we teach you how to do it like an expert.

Lounge clad with decorative cement on wall

Decorative cement: continuous coating to create spaces without construction


Decorative cement is known in the decoration panorama for its aesthetic and functional advantages that create surfaces of original and durable appearance.

Kitchen with decorative paint on wall

Decorative paint: get to know its advantages, types and fields of application


Decorative paint is considered one of the most effective techniques in decoration thanks to its qualities, wide variety of types, and versatility.

Gray colored printed concrete in pool

Stamped concrete for swimming pools: reasons for a successful alternative


Find out why stamped concrete for swimming pools has become one of the most demanded and best valued decorative alternatives by experts.

Microcement in exterior: areas of use, advantages and how to apply

Microcement outdoors: areas of use, advantages and how to apply


Discover outdoor microcement and why this material is so sought-after by industry professionals for the restoration of façades, terraces and swimming pools.

Microcement on radiant floor: Advantages and problems to avoid

Applying microcement over underfloor heating


In this article, we explain why microcement over underfloor heating is the best heating option for your home due to its many advantages.

Printed concrete price: factors you should consider in your project

Imprinted concrete price: factors to consider in your project


The price of imprinted concrete can vary depending on a number of factors. We show you what those are and how best to save on your renovation project.

Microcement countertops: an increasing trend

Microcement worktops: a growing trend


Microcement countertops have become one of the best alternatives in bathroom and kitchen decoration thanks to their functionality and aesthetics.

Microcement colors: trends and tricks to succeed

Microcement colours: tricks for successful selection


Find a wide variety of microcement colours and learn how to choose like a professional to achieve successful results.

Wood imitation printed concrete: advantages and mode of use

Wood imitation imprinted concrete: all advantages


Wood imitation imprinted concrete has become one of the most demanded decorative alternatives for space renovation. Learn why!

Small kitchen: tricks and materials to optimize space

Small kitchen: tips and materials to optimize space


Discover the best tips, styles and materials to turn your small kitchen into your very own palace, by making the most of the available space. Take notes!

MyKal lime mortar: what it is, types, advantages and fields of use

MyKal Lime Mortar: what it is, types, advantages and uses


We discuss the ancient decorative coating, lime mortar. We introduce its types, uses and advantages. We will detail why it is currently so successful.

MyRevest presents its new MySealant DSV Acrylic Polyurethane varnish

MyRevest introduces its new MySealant DSV acrylic polyurethane varnish


We present MySealant DSV, our new dual-component acrylic polyurethane solvent sealant, with which to enhance the aesthetics and color of microcement.

Printed concrete floor: Qualities, types and tips.

Stamped concrete floor: Qualities, types and tips


Stamped concrete floors are a fantastic option for the decoration of any walkable areas, ensuring great resistance and beauty.

Polished cement: pros and cons of this flooring

Polished concrete: pros and cons of this flooring coating


Polished concrete is increasingly present in any floor but, like any material, it has its advantages and its disadvantages. Discover everything about this coating in this news.

Microcement stairs: tricks and application tips

Microcement stairs: tricks and application tips


Microcement stairs offer unique finishes that perfectly convey the essence of any decorative style. Discover our guide to applying microcement on stairs.

Microcement on terrace: benefits, application and decorative tips

Microcement on terrace: advantages, application and decorative tips


Microcement on terrace is the best ally to create unique outdoor spaces. The decoration of this part of the house is fundamental for it to become a lesson space. Discover the details for the terrace to radiate a charming style.

Microcement price: how much does a quality coating cost?

Microcement price: how much does quality coating cost?


Microcement combines aesthetically spectacular finishes with high performances that have made it the fashionable decorative coating for decorators and architects. But, how much does it cost to put microcement and what factors does the price depend on?.

Microcement on walls, the trend that has come to stay

Venetian stucco: how to get high decoration walls?


The demand in any renovation project is increasing, which is why professionals must give a quality image and offer a wide range of options to achieve elegant environments. And when thinking of high decoration, Venetian stucco is mandatory.

Microcement on walls, the trend that has come to stay

How to apply microcement step by step: a complete guide for flooring


Microcement is a versatile material that adapts to any decorative style, but its application requires experience and knowledge of the fine details for professional finishes. In this post, we will explain step by step how to apply microcement on floors and walls.

Microcement on walls, the trend that has come to stay

Microcement on walls, the trend that's here to stay


Microcement walls are a trend in decoration and more and more people are considering this continuous coating when planning a renovation at home or in the office. Follow us to learn about the application process.

Microcement and wood: a tandem to dream about

Microcement and wood: a dream tandem


The word home encompasses many meanings. It is our refuge, it is the hug we need after a long day and the corner where we take shelter. Therefore, pampering it and finding the perfect decoration to dress each of its spaces is essential to feel comfortable.

Tips for the application of polyurethane varnish

Tips for applying polyurethane varnish


Great projects differentiate themselves by attention to small details in finishes. When we think of details, we think of harmony, elegance, and highlighting the natural beauty of the space we are going to clad. But the path to excellence in finishes cannot be travelled without the help of polyurethane varnish.

Why has microcement conquered interior decoration?

Why has microcement conquered interior decoration?


Polished cement was one of the most used materials in the 20th century in industrial spaces and apartments, but over the years microcement has become the coating that sets the trend in interior decoration.

Microcement in kitchens, the finishing touch for a modern house

Microcement in kitchens, the icing on the cake for a modern house


When it comes to renovating or decorating the kitchen, the first thing is to think about the desired style, the quality of the finishes and the layout of the space. But the leap in quality of the design project comes from the hands of materials like microcement, which adds the finishing touch to having a functional and elegant kitchen.

Microcement on the floor of an office with open spaces and natural light

Create minimalist environments with microcement floors


Design minimalist spaces with microcement floors and make everything have a sense of unity. Learn the best tips to create minimalist atmospheres with a personalized aesthetic.

Microcement bathrooms, the style that comes home

Microcement bathrooms, the style that comes home


Transform the bathroom into a modern space with microcement as an ally. The exquisite and functional nature of this coating translates into a complete renovation without the need to generate debris.