Microcement bathrooms

Microcement bathrooms offer many possibilities for renovating this very personal part of the house. It gives an almost magical touch. With this decorative coating you get all the benefits of a surface: elegance, resistance and easy to care.

Find out what microcement brings to bathrooms and achieve finishes that make the differences in each project.

Discover what microcement brings to bathrooms and achieve finishes that make the difference in any project.

Microcemento on a bathroom wall with the washbasin in the background and the bathtub near the window

Advantages of microcement bathrooms

Microcement for bathrooms has become a trend when it comes to renovations, because it provides a touch of elegance that distinguishes it from others. Find out its advantages and what it can contribute to your quality of life:

Microcement bathrooms gallery

Microcement bathroom wall cladding decorated in neutral tones
Microcement bathroom decorated in a minimalist style with wooden touches
Microcement in a modern bathroom with open spaces and a round bathtub

Microcement bathroom finishes

The application of microcement in bathrooms introduces a decorative coating with great mechanical resistance and offers different looks to obtain the desired personalities.

It is hard to resistant the charm, microcement allows walls, floors and even the old furnitures to be covered. The variety of designs and colours is simply amazing, but the final appearance of the bathroom depends on how the microcement is applied.

Microcement bathrooms for all styles

Microcement bathroom with a decorative floor covering in a room and showing out maximum amplitude

In this image, microcement covers the floors and walls of the bathroom to enhance the minimalist style. The pure visual effect and the simple furniture complete a room with an open space and views to the outside.

The integration of microcement with the minimalist style is the best stake to create a bathroom in which we can relax and leave daily stress behind.

The sophisticated decoration based on the microcement bathroom can create a contrast between different elements. The wall cladding integrates perfectly with the two black washbasins, the dark wood and the round mirror.

The image shows the power of attraction generated by the microcement and the character it gives to the non-transit surfaces in the room.

Microcement cladding on the wall of a bathroom with limited space
Microcement bathroom combined with wooden furniture and an open space that connects the washbasin with the shower

There are a number of challenges that microcement faces when applied in bathrooms with smaller spaces. Its application on walls is the best choice to enhance the light in the room and give it a touch of sophistication.

The microcement bathroom provides a functional surface that is waterproof and resistant to wear and tear caused by high temperatures. It combines perfectly with the furniture and the rest of the materials.

This microcement bathroom perfectly demonstrates the advantages of applying this cladding in such a personal room. Its application on the floor enhances the spaciousness of the bathroom and fully complements the wooden and beige walls.

Microcement and neutral tones combine to simplify the decoration and reduce the decorative elements to the essentials. It is a functionality oriented room where all the elements are well considered.

Microcement bathroom with light tones in a clean and natural ambience.

Microcement showers

The possibilities of microcement in bathrooms go far beyond floors, walls or ceilings. Showers and washbasins can also be coated in microcement.

A good choice is to cover the floor and walls of the shower area with the same colour to create a continuous cladding. The floor replaces the shower plate and reach a uniform and level surface.

Microcement bathroom with dark green wall and floor covering

In this case, it is advisable to install a shower screen to prevent water from running out and to apply a sealent varnish to make the surface non-slip.

A microcement shower enhances the finishes of the cladding and highlights the feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom.

Microcement washbasins

Microcement washbasins can be personalized to the last detail, something that is not possible with terrazzo washbasins. Microcement is a material that offers a wide variety of finishes and textures.

It also allows you to play with decorative styles to personalize the cladding to the maximum. The microcement washbasin can be a metallic finish or even a oxidized effect to give it a vintage touch.

Microcement on the wall and washbasin of a minimalist style bathroom

Aesthetically, microcement washbasins blend perfectly with the rest of the bathroom. A good decorative choice is to cover the walls to create a sense of integration and achieve a unique style throughout the room.

Insert faucet in the wall is another decorative option that combines perfectly with microcement to present a more rustic and modern style bathroom. The shelves to store towels or bathroom products can also be coated.

Maintenance of microcement in bathrooms

After the application of microcement in the bathroom, it is important to bear in mind that during the first month furniture should not be dragged, because this could damage the coating.

During this period of time, we should avoid heavy objects to contact the surfaces.

Regular cleaning should be carried out with a wet cloth and neutral PH soap. It is important to avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products that can damage the coating.

Chlorine, ammonia, bleach or non-neutral detergent products are the main enemies of microcement surfaces.

It is highly recommended to apply waxes diluted in water once a week. This makes the decorative coating shiny.

Avoid standing water, as microcement is not compatible with water accumulation, because it could erode the sealent and cause leaks.