Liquid component of MyRevest varnishes on the brand logo
Liquid component of MyRevest varnishes on the brand logo


Matt finish of MyRevest varnishes on a vertical surface

MyRevest's varnishes offer many sealing options and asure the quality of the finishes. In addition to enhancing the effects of the microcement, it also protects the coating from any liquid spilled on it.

The varnishes increase the mechanical resistance and prevent damages to the coatings from sunlight, moisture, dirt or chemicals.

If you are looking to protect the microcement, this line of sealants is the solution. They can waterproof and reinforce the renewed appearance of the surface.


Application of MyCover as a pre-sealed primer with a roller


A water-based acrylic resin that acts as a pre-sealed primer to facilitate bonding between microcement and MySealant 2K.

It is stable on surfaces in contact with water.


A water-based polyurethane varnish that improves the performance of any solvent-based polyurethane.

It has a higher solids percentage, leaves no roller marks and dries faster.

White roller resting on the floor for the application of MyCover varnish

Tips for applying varnish on microcement


Choosing the right roller

Choosing the right roller

Choosing the right roller is the first step in achieving a professional application with a perfect finish. It is advisable to use a 4 mm microfibre or polyester fibre roller. In this way, a smooth surface can be achieved without overloading the material. A proper roller with the right thickness allows you to make the most of the varnish and obtain a seal that facilitates the cleaning of the coating.


Drying time for microcement
Drying time for microcement

Drying time for microcement

To assure a correct application of the varnish, it is essential to respect the drying time of the last layer of microcement. In this way, the applicator knows that no moisture remains on the substrate.


Substrate free of humidity

Substrate free of humidity

Before applying the polyurethane varnish, the substrate must be free of humidity. It is highly recommended to follow the instrucction of the drying time in the technical data sheets. MyCover should be applied before MySealant 2K. It is necessary to leave to dry for 24 hours in between.


Follow the drying time between layers

Follow the drying time between layers

It is necessary to leave 12 hours of drying time between two layers of varnish, although the conditions of climate, temperature and humidity must be taken into account.

The second coat can not be applied too soon, because it does not allow the first coat to breathe and the microcement surface will take longer to reach its properties.

If the drying time between coats are not respected, the consequences will be soon apparent. Any liquid on the microcement coating will leave a stain on the surface.