Green-tinted branches of various trees next to the MyRevest logo
Green-tinted branches of various trees next to the MyRevest logo


Forest landscape to illustrate the environmental friendliness of the MyCleaner Plus microcement cleaner.

MyCleaner Plus is a degreasing cleaner recommended for removing stubborn dirt. It is a product for professional and industrial use and is composed of biodegradable elements that are not aggressive with sealing varnishes.

It is suitable for deep cleaning of the microcement surface.
It removes any oil, food, grease and even tyre marks. It has a high descaling effectiveness

Technical Characteristics

1,015 ± 0,005 g/mL

between 10.5 - 11.5

Eco friendly


Use 40 mL of product per 5 L of water

Mycleaner plus biodegradable cleaner carafe

Application of the biodegradable cleaner MyCleaner Plus

1 - MyCleaner Plus has a high descaling power to remove any dirt.

2 - A cleaner that can be applied directly to the surface or diluted in water. Pour the cleaner into the desired area, allow to dry for 30 seconds and then rinse with a damp mop or cloth before the product dries.

3 - When mixing with water, it should be taken into account that a more concentrated application of the product means faster washing and a greater power of action.

4 - MyCleaner Plus should be applied at least two weeks after the last coat of MySealant 2K varnish has been applied.

Industrial use of MyCleaner Plus biodegradable cleaner

It is a concentrated detergent cleaner recommended for use in industrial areas and on surfaces resistant to alkaline cleaners, such as ceramics, stoneware or stainless steel.

Ideal for cleaning garages, big areas, warehouses, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and car parks.