Metallic glitter finish on the wall of a bathroom
Metallic glitter finish on the wall of a bathroom with clean lines


Light and luminous tones on the wall of a room decorated with metallic glazes

MyGlow Purp is the right product to reach metallic finishes with glitter. It is part of the range of ready-to-use glazes designed to create shiny atmospheres on any type of sustrates.

These glazes are the best options to create contrasts in minimalist atmospheres, because they offer a personal and amazing touch thanks to the glitter. It features a rich colouring and a beautiful finish that gives life to the coating.

The colours of MyGlow Purp are: Bronze 200, Gold 500 y Silver 500.

Technical characteristics

MyGlow purp - Can be applied on any substrates

Can be applied on any substrates

MyGlow purp - Ready to use

Ready to use

MyGlow purp - Versatility of application

Versatility of application


The consumption depends on the type of finish you wish.

MyGlow Purp is part of the range of ready-to-use glazes to reach metallic finishes with glitter

Application of MyGlow Purp metallic glazes

Where to apply MyGlow Purp?

MyGlow Purp metallic glazes is pre-mixed in different finishes. Before applying them you only need to homogenise the product in order to make good use of the product load.
Glitter glazes increase the decorative possibilities. The professional has more freedom to create finishes that shine by itself.

The walls of any room will have an elegant and distinguished effect, which will add value to the home. It is a ready-to-use paint and is suitable for application on concrete, brick, ceramic or microcement surfaces.

MyGlow Purp glazes are synonymous with stunning decoration in both interior and exterior spaces. Thanks to its composition, the finishes of this product shine everywhere.

Outdoor application

-Application should be avoided in temperatures below 5 ºC or above 30 ºC

ni bajo el sol directo -Do not apply the glaze in conditions of strong winds or in direct sunlight.

-Avoid application when there is a risk of frost or rainfall.

-Protect the glaze with the sealing process to prevent damage from external agents.

-The glaze should be stored in the original container and closed properly, away from direct sunlight and humidity.