Floor of a long corridor to which the MyWax microcement protective wax has been applied
Floor of a long corridor to which the MyWax microcement protective wax has been applied


Protective microcement wax applied on the floor of a home with exterior views and grey tones

MyWax is a acrylic base maintenance wax used to renew the protective layer and improve surface cleaning.

It's a household product that dilutes in water and is designed to give natural shine and hardness to the surface.

It is indicated to prolong the maintenance of the flooring by generating extra overprotection to polyurethane.

Microcement floors will shine on their own thanks to a product that does not contain toxic substances, nor is it flammable.

Technical Characteristics


1,00 ±0.005 g/mL


between 6,5 - 7,5


10.22s (Ford Cup 4)


Does not yellow


By hand 0.25 mL/m2

Jug of acrylic protective wax for MyWax microcement

Application of MyWax

1 - MyWax is a wax that presents a high efficacy in small doses.

2 - For application by hand with a mop or sponge, 20-25 ml are needed for every 7 liters of water.

3 - If MyWax is applied with a polishing machine, between 25 and 100 mL for every 10 liters of water are needed.

4 - It is a cleaning product that can be applied diluted in water or directly on the surface.

5 - The treatment of MyWax on the surface will need to be repeated periodically, depending on the use of the surface. Before waxing, it is necessary to wait two weeks since MySealant 2K varnish was applied to prevent damage.

6 - MyWax should remain in its original container and in a well-ventilated place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. It is recommended that the storage space has temperatures between 10ºC and 30ºC.