Microcement in kitchens, the finishing touch for a modern home

When it is time to renovate or decorate the kitchen, the first thing to think about is the style you wish, the quality of the finishes and the layout of the space. But the quality of project depends very much on the materials, such as microcement, which provides the finishing touch to acquire a functional and at the same time elegant kitchen.

Many kitchen design projects are based on having the best electrical appliances and adapting the space to meet the needs of each client. However, it is necessary to think about the materials as a whole so that the entire kitchen has a distinguishable style.

Microcement in a kitchen decorated with light tones and white and purple furniture.

Microcement in a kitchen decorated with light tones and white and purple furniture.

Microcement as a decorative coating brings about a minimalist and modern aesthetic when applied in front walls. Choosing this material is the best idea to make the most of the space and make the kitchen fresh and elegant.

If you still don't know the advantages of applying microcement in the kitchen, read on and find out how to transform this part of the house.

Why apply microcement in kitchens?

The application of microcement in kitchens means a coating with high resistance and versatility because it fits to any type of surfaces. Architectural studios and decorators have chosen this material the protagonist of their projects.

Here are what microcement brings to the design of a new kitchen:

Designs and styles for microcement kitchens

Once the advantages of applying microcement in the kitchen are taken into account, the next step is to contact a professional for advice on the best solutions to achieve a long-lasting, top-quality finish. Not all materials are of the same quality and having a professional applicator is a great help.

But before getting down to work, it is important to be clear about the style we wish for he kitchen. The possibilities offered by MyRevest microcement are so wide that it can fit to any styles.

Microcement in a kitchen with floral touches and decorated in classic style

Microcement in a kitchen with floral touches and decorated in classic style

Here we present a series of styles to give your kitchen renovation or refurbishment project its own signature:

Minimalist kitchens

A minimalist kitchen is more than just straight lines. It is a style which order and purity of the space are everything. The functionality is the main role, which means it is important to choose materials that are easy to clean. Minimalist style in a kitchen conveys harmony, and for this reason, microcement is the best option. The absence of joints facilitates an open-concept layout and the creation of uncluttered places.

An proper distribution in the kitchen implies knowing the real needs and the use we are going to give to this place of the house. To enhance microcement cladding in the kitchen, it is essential to distribute the elements and furniture in an open-concept way as much as possible.

Industrial kitchens

Microcement kitchens with industrial style have become a source of inspiration for designers and architects. Despite being a centuries old decorative trend, it is still very popular and combines very well with a mixture of styles. Microcement with this style is ideal for lovers of urban environments.

Microcement cladding on an industrial style kitchen floor

Microcement cladding on an industrial style kitchen floor

The trend in kitchen decoration focuses on natural or industrial finishes in which intense colours are applied to achieve a perfect integration of furniture and accessories.

Luminous kitchens

The application of microcement in kitchens also allows you to create your own style based on luminosity. It is the perfect material to work in small spaces and enhance the natural light in the kitchen. The continuous surfaces bring about more spaces and make it possible to design a room with more life and warmth.

Luminous kitchen clad with microcement by grey tones in worktop and furniture

Luminous kitchen clad with microcement by grey tones in worktop and furniture

The union of microcement with light tones on floors and walls is the best recipe for enhancing luminosity, especially if it is a small kitchen. When arranging the kitchen furniture, the available space must be taken into account.

If it is a square kitchen, the best option is to arrange the furniture in a 'U' shape. But if you have an extended kitchen, it is advisable to arrange the cupboards in an 'L' shape.

When it comes to colours, pearl and beige tones convey the feeling of spaciousness and enhance the warmth of this most socialised space in the house.

Rustic kitchens

When we think of a rustic style, we relate it with an old-fashioned style but with microcement cladding this does not have to be the case. It is the decorative cladding designed to unite modernity with the country look that characterises rustic kitchens.

The rustic style combined with the colour white highlights spaciousness and warmth equally. A perfect balance that can be completed with a natural wood worktop and microcement flooring.

The combination of these materials shows out a very cosy room that is in tune with the very personal style you are looking for in the kitchen of your home.

Kitchens with microcement floors

Microcement floors in kitchens allow you to play with different results, which can range from matte to glossy and satin. The variety of finishes includes different types of textures that make it easy to give a personalised touch to this special part of the house.

For domestic kitchens, a fine texture is advisable, while for kitchens that are exposed to a lot of transit, a rough texture is recommended.

Microcement flooring in a kitchen with straight lines and open spaces that enhance the decorative coating.

Microcement flooring in a kitchen with straight lines and open spaces that enhance the decorative coating

Another advantage of microcement flooring is that it can be cleaned with just a little neutral pH soap and water. The most important thing is to avoid the use of chemical products that can damage the coating and to be well ventilated after the application of microcement.

Kitchens with microcement walls

Microcement wallsz fit to any decorative style and serve to reinforce the finishes because it is the surface where the characteristics of this material reaches to the maximum.

It is where the spectacular elegance and style present in distinguished way. As it is a coating with such a fine thickness, it is ideal to achieve silky finishes and high aesthetic value.

The application of microcement on kitchen walls is 100% recommendable because its durability is much greater than that of other materials. It is the ideal solution to have a functional coating in a designed atmosphere without the need for building work.

Microcement in kitchens: ideas for decoration

Many families are spending more and more time in kitchens, so it results in increasing kitchen renovation projects. In many cases, those professionals deal with projects of extending this part of the house.

But what if it is a small kitchen, or what if the client thinks that his kitchen is not practical? The truth is that small kitchens can also be practical as well as beautiful if you make the most of the spaces.

The first thing is to find the most appropriate layout to make the most of the space. L-shaped kitchens are practical, attractive visually and fit in very well with any decorative styles.

Microcement cladding in an open concept kitchen

Microcement cladding in an open concept kitchen

In addition to the layout, brightness is also a very important factor for a warm and welcoming kitchen. The application of microcement helps the kitchen to appear clean and spaciou. The second factor is to have a window that allows to enter natural light.

Tidiness, spaciousness and contrast with natural light are the way to achieve a practical and cozy kitchen. Light tones, such as white, beige or light blue, are perfect for enhancing the light. Although white may seem to be colder, this feeling can be made up for wooden chairs and shelves.

With microcement and a rich imagination, there are no excuses for not having a designed kitchen.