Explosion of colours
Explosion of colours in shades of blue, purple, orange and yellow


Dispersion of blue, pink, green and yellow pigments under the name MyColour Mix

MyColour Mix are the single doses of pigments. It is the concentrated water-based colourant that is already prepared and mixed.

It is a product free of solvents, ammonia and pollutants. This product range is designed to pigment a 20 kg bucket of microcement.

They can be used for the whole lines of MyRevest two-component and one-component microcements.

They will not change colours over time, and will not be affected by the light.

Technical characteristics

MyColour Mix - High colour stability

High colour stability

MyColour Mix - Non-flammable


MyColour Mix - Easily mix

Easily mix


MyColour Mix

The quantity and type of microcement applied must be taken into account.


MyColour Mix is available in 0.5L bottle with measurements.

MyColour Mix pigment single-dose packs

Methods of Application

-Always respect the dosage indicated on the product label, both for the quantity and the type of microcement.

-Shake the container well before use until a homogeneous liquid.

-Pour some resin in an empty container, add all the pigment and mix. Make sure that all the pigment has been poured into the container.

-Once achieve the homogeneous liquid, pour the microcement and the rest of the resin little by little until mix well without lumps and with the right texture.

-Close the container lid after each use to prevent the material from drying and to make the best use of the material during the application process.