MyRevest logo next to a professional who is applying varnish using a white roller
MyRevest logo next to a professional who is applying varnish using a white roller


Liquid preparation of MySealant 2K sealing varnish

MySealant Go! is a water-based single-component polyurethane varnish that ensures the protection of ready-to-use microcement, mainly, although it also achieves it on parquet or wood.

Its mechanical resistance makes it a very effective sealer against abrasion and scratches. Likewise, it remains intact when water, acids, and ultraviolet light come into contact with it.

These qualities increase the duration of the matte and satin finishes it offers and maintains the colors and textures of the microcement in the areas it is applied.

Technical Characteristics


Total Drying
24 hours


Application Temperature


Shore D Hardness
70 ± 3


1.03 ± 0.01g/cm³


MySealant GO!

0.2 L/m² - (for 3 coats)
0.25 L/m² - (for 4 coats)

White jug of the MySealant GO! varnish

Application Methods of MySealant Go!

Firstly, before applying MySealant Go! on the surface, MyCover must be applied, the resin that acts as a primer. In both cases, it must be ensured that the surface is dust-free and completely dry.

Next, apply 3 or 4 layers of MySealant Go! with a brush or microfiber velourex roller. It is important to space out the layers for a period of 3 hours and, before applying the second, it is advisable to sand with a 400 grit sandpaper.

To ensure that the varnish adheres correctly, the drying time should be at least 48 hours, although always taking into account that environmental conditions, temperature and humidity, can vary these curing times.

Seal Maintenance

- To avoid marks or grooves caused by soap or detergent, it is necessary to rinse immediately when these come into contact with MySealant Go!

- It is easily cleaned with neutral pH soap and water.

- For a more intensive cleaning on floors, bathrooms or kitchens at home, use MyCleaner. On the other hand, to remove more potent dirt found in the professional field, use our cleaner, MyCleaner Plus.