MyRevest logo next to a professional who is applying varnish with a white roller
MyRevest logo next to a professional who is applying varnish with a white roller


Liquid preparation of MySealant Xtreme varnish sealer

MySealant Xtreme is a high-end microcement protector. A product that provides toughness to the coating and total protection against water.

A water-based bi-component polyurethane varnish that stands out for its higher than average chemical resistances, making it especially advisable for use in humid areas such as bathrooms.

It also has very good resistances against wear and the effects of solar radiation. It does not yellow outdoors, making it an excellent option as a varnish for outdoor microcement. Offers glossy, satin and matte finishes.

Technical Characteristics


Drying time
12-24h between layers (2 coats)


42 ±1% (A+B)


König hardness
200 seconds


Density at 25ºC
1.045 - 1.055 g/mL (Component B)


MySealant Xtreme

(2 coats) - 0.15 L/m²

White jug of MySealant Xtreme varnish sealer

MySealant Xtreme application methods

The first step before sealing the microcement support with MySealant Xtreme is to ensure that it is properly prepared.

To achieve this, we recommend applying 2 coats of MyCover (4h between coats) as primer and leaving it to dry for a minimum of 12 hours.

Then, to finish the sealing, it would be the turn of MySealant Xtreme. There would have to apply equally 2 coats leaving a drying time between them of 12h minimum and 24h maximum.

MySealant Xtreme is formulated to be applied in only two coats. To ensure the good resistances it boasts, it is essential to respect the drying times. If not done, the performance could be noticeably reduced.

The time that should be left for drying is 12 hours between layers (minimum requirement) and never exceed the maximum of 24 hours (if done, the product will repel).

Use a 400 grain sandpaper to sand only the first layer, as the second one does not need it.

It should not be applied at a temperature below 15ºC or at a temperature exceeding 30 ºC. This two-component water-based polyurethane varnish can be applied with a gun, brush or roller.

Seal Maintenance

- Allow the polyurethane sealer to act and dry for a minimum of one week before wetting the surface.

- Under no circumstances use detergents for at least the first two weeks.

- Clean with our MyCleaner cleaner, or, failing that, with water and neutral soap to extend the life of the polyurethane.

- Bleach, acetone, and muriatic acid are aggressive products that could damage the microcement coating.