Create minimalist atmospheres with microcement flooring

The creation of minimalist atmospheres in a house involves fixing our look towards detail in the finishes and focusing on acquiring a feeling of spaciousness. In this article we are going to give you the best tips for creating these minimalist spaces and, for this reason, microcement flooring is a must. Take note!

In the world of interior design, minimalism is a trend in which simplicity becomes synonymous of style and sophistication. The room is designed to be alive and decorative elements should be reduced to the minimum because they overload the room and do not express the sensation of purity that gives a more modern and elegant character.

Order is fundamental, only the essential furniture and objects are displayed. Elegance emerges in the midst of clean, continuous and functional spaces. In minimalist homes the priority is to preserve space, not to fill it.

Minimalist style is expressed by the way how rooms, floors, surfaces and lighting are arranged. The combination of all these elements is introduced into a home that conveys functionality. This design concept leads us to microcement floors which ensures that everything is united.

Find out the best tips for creating minimalist atmospheres with a personalised aesthetic.

Microcement floors to achieve spacious spaces

The best recipe for creating minimalist style is to opt for visual purity, straight lines and avoid excessive decoration, because this can make a space seem smaller.
To reach a cosy, minimalist space without excesses, the first suggestion has a full name: microcement flooring

Minimalism makes us to conceive spaces in an integral way and microcement is the best approach for everything to have a sense of unity. It is also a coating that provides visual continuity, creats an amazing sensation of luminosity and perfect aesthetics. The great durability of this material helps the light to flow inside a home.

It is a material that will make lovers of minimalism happier because it highlights the spaces in a natural way and without visual obstacles. Microcement floors help to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

Microcemento on the floor of an office with open spaces and natural light.

The application of microcement on the floor represents a modern, sophisticated continuous flooring that is also a good solution for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. MyFloor microcement is the ideal product for creating resistant interior floors and providing visual continuity and perfect aesthetics.

Distribute the space without obstacles

In order to achieve a spatial distribution, it is necessary to be sure about the needs and the use we are going to give to the room. You have to be realistic and know the possibilities offered by the space you are going to cover with microcement.

The first thing to do is to choose the elements and the furniture to achieve the most diaphanous space as possible. Microcement floors can meet the need, and they can capture as much light as possible. They are a good starting point to make the most of natural light.

As a decorative cladding it provides a smooth and clean finish, because its thickness is barely 3 millimetres. It can present a design with a great personality because each application is different and It can also transmit an unrepeatable style.

Play with the range of colours and finishes

Technical advances have brought microcement to a privileged position in minimalist decoration because it is a versatile material that enables you to play with textures and obtain the neutral and light colours that feature minimalism.

The right combination of colours and textures in microcement flooring makes possible cosy spaces that integrate perfectly with exquisite design.

And when it comes to choosing colours, our advice is to combine microcement with natural grey tones or neutral colours to create a more spacious feeling in small areas . If the aim is to bring out a cooler atmosphere, it is advisable to combine the floor with calmer and cooler tones such as bluish grey or mint.

Microcement flooring with neutral tones and minimalist decoration

To increse the design possibilities, MyColour range of pigments is a solution to offer the best aesthetic approach and interior design. They enhance the decorative value of microcement, provide the possibility to obtain all the colours and give a personalized touch to the results. It also allows the applicator to create what meets the needs of each project.

Transform small corners with microcement flooring

New or renovated flooring in a house can change everything because with the application of microcement a dark space can become luminous and an unstylish room can recover all its elegance.

Changing the flooring in a house is an excellent idea to achieve a minimalist touch without the need to renovate the whole house. Microcement floors have the capability to transform small corners with the use of warm tones that enhance the cosy atmosphere.

SMicrocement floor in a loft-like living room with neutral and warm tones that enhance the entry of light.

n this image, the microcement floor higlights the brightness and spaciousness of the living room. The combination of neutral colours with warmer tones conveys a cosy decorative atmosphere and prevents the room from transmitting an excessive coldness.

Find out the different decorative possibilities that can be achieved with microcement flooring and transform your home into a unique minimalist space. Find out more products and ideas on our website.