Decoration with metallic coating in a cozy living room with a sophisticated design
Decoration with metallic coating in a cozy living room with a sophisticated design


Minimalist bathroom with metallic finish on the walls and clean lines

MyMetal is a two-component metallic coating made to obtain a shiny finish on non-trafficable surfaces. Has a component A, composed of powdered metal particles, and a component B, which is a resin designed for this coating.

It comes in finishes of iridium, aluminium, bronze, copper and brass. Applicable with trowel and roller to obtain different finishes.

It is possible to achieve oxidized finishes with the use of the rust activator MyRust.

Technical Characteristics

High gloss
High concentration of metallic components

Applicable on any non-trafficable surface.
Microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.

Different textures
Five textures with different metallic elements

Maximum thickness per layer



(1st coat) - 305 g/m2


(2nd coat) - 260 g/m2

Two-component metallic coating MyMetal

How to apply MyMetal?

1. Surface Cleaning

Before applying MyMetal it is necessary to ensure that the surface is clean and dry.
To ensure total cleanliness of the space it may be necessary to vacuum.

2. Support preparation

Apply a coat of primer MyPrimer 100, if it's an absorbent surface, or MyPrimer 200, if it's a non-absorbent support.

3. Mix components A and B

Mix component A and B.
Apply 2 coats of Mymetal on the support.
1st coat dry 2 hours*.
2nd coat dry 12 hours*.

4. Sanding and cleaning to bring out metallic shine

Sand the surface with a sandpaper with a grain of 180-220.
Polish with a sandpaper of grain 800 and 1000.
In this way the metallic shine is obtained.
Clean to remove the dust.

5. Surface sealing

To achieve a metallic finish, two coats of the sealing varnish MySealant 2K. need to be applied.
1st coat: Dry for 24 hours*.
2nd coat: Dry for 24 hours*.

*The drying times may vary depending on environmental and temperature conditions.

Application of the two-component metallic coating MyMetal on a wall using a metallic trowel