Metallic finish on the wall of a living room equipped with several lamps hanging from the ceiling
Metallic finish on the wall of a living room equipped with several lamps hanging from the ceiling


Bathroom decorated with the MyGlow metallic glaze, which provides a finish with elegant and dark tones

MyGlow is the range of ready-to-use metallic glazes that are used to give microcement a metallic appearance, but respecting its natural texture. It has a high performance that allows to decorate by giving a personalized touch to the coating.

When it comes to applying microcement, every detail counts and with MyGlow you get a touch of distinction that helps to create minimalist and sophisticated atmospheres. Achieve patinas of varied effects.

It is a product that is made to be applied on non-walkable surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Its application can be done by brush, broom, trowel, roller, gun, or sponge.

MyGlow's colours are: Silver White 500, Aluminium 054, Copper 063, Copper Red 063, Gold 063.

Technical Characteristics

MyGlow - Aplicable sobre cualquier soporte

Applicable on any support

MyGlow - Listo al uso

Ready to use

MyGlow - Versatilidad de aplicación

Versatility of application


MyGlow Aluminium

12,00 m2/L

MyGlow Copper

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Copper red

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Gold

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Silver

14 m2/L

Ready-to-use MyGlow metallic glazes

What do MyGlow metallic glazes offer?

-It offers metallic finishes of high decoration

-It's a easy-to-apply product, as it comes ready to use

-Great versatility of application, which facilitates professional work. It can be applied with roller, gun, trowel, brush, paintbrush, or sponge.

-Smooth operation, which promotes an optimal application

-Designed to achieve multiple decorative effects, depending on the application tools and the technician's technique

-Excellent adhesion and elasticity

-Finishes with personality and bright tones of maximum quality

Where is MyGlow applied?

The MyGlow glaze range is applied on walls over any type of support, be it microcement, concrete, ceramic or brick. It is a product that can be used on smooth backgrounds and soft textured backgrounds.

It maintains the character of the support and adds a touch of high decoration to any surface, whether interior or exterior.

Before applying MyGlow metallic glazes, the product must be stirred to distribute it evenly over the surface. It is a material that can be applied with a trowel, brush or roller brush and offers versatility of application. Once the metallic glazes have been applied, they should be allowed to dry for 8 hours.

Do the glazes need to be sealed?

The glazes also require a sealing process to protect the final finish and ensure a quality application.

For this, two coats of MyCover must be applied, with a drying time of 4 hours between the two coats.
Then sand the surface with a 400 grit sandpaper and wait 12 hours before applying two coats of MySealant 2K.

Entre las dos manos del barniz sellador se necesitan 24 horas de secado.