Metallic finish on the wall of a living room equipped with several lamps
Metallic finish on the wall of a living room equipped with several lamps hanging from the ceiling


Bathroom decorated with MyGlow metallic glaze, which provides an elegant, dark tone finish

MyGlow is the product line of ready-to-use metallic glazes to exhibit a metallic appearance, at the same time respect its natural texture. It has a high performance that gives the cladding a personalised touch.

When applying microcement, every detail counts and with MyGlow a touch of distinction helps to create minimalist and sophisticated atmospheres. It displays patinas of different effects.

This product is to be applied on non-transit surfaces both in interior and exterior spaces. It is applicable by brush, paintbrush, trowel, roller, spray gun or sponge.

The colours of MyGlow are: Blanco Plata 500, Aluminio 054, Cobre 063, Cobre Red 063, Gold 063.

Technical characteristics

MyGlow - Can be applied on any substrates

Can be applied on any substrates

MyGlow - Ready to use

Ready to use

MyGlow - Versatility of application

Versatility of application


MyGlow Aluminio

12,00 m2/L

MyGlow Cobre

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Cobre red

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Gold

23,50 m2/L

MyGlow Plata

14 m2/L

MyGlow is the product line of ready-to-use metallic glazes

What do MyGlow metallic glazes offer?

-It offers highly decorative metallic finishes

-It is easy to apply, because it is ready to use

-Great versatility of application, which facilitates the work of the professional. It can be applied by roller, spray gun, trowel, brush, or sponge

-Easy to work with this material, which helps an optimal application

-Designed to achieve various decorative effects, depending on the application tools and the professional's technique

-High adhesion and elasticity

Finishes with personality and vivid tones of the highest quality

Where can MyGlow be applied?

MyGlow is a range of glazes that can be applied on walls and on any type of substrates, whether it is microcement, concrete, ceramic or brick. It fits to a smooth and textured backgrounds.

It keeps the character of the substrate and adds a highly decorative touch to any surfaces both indoors or outdoors.

Before applying MyGlow metallic glazes, shake well the product and spread it evenly over the surface. It is a material that can be applied by trowel, brush or paintbrush and offers versatility of application. Once applied, they should be left to dry for 8 hours.

Do metallic glazes need to be sealed?

Metallic glazes also require a sealing process to protect the final finish and guarantee a quality application.

To do this, apply two coats of MyCover, with a drying time of 4 hours between coats. Then sand the surface with 400 grit sandpaper and leave 12 hours before applying two coats of MySealant 2K.

A drying time of 24 hours is required between the two coats of sealing varnish.