Microcement floor finish with the application of My Wax Plus wax
Microcement floor finish with the application of My Wax Plus wax and on the left the MyRevest logo


Microcement maintenance wax applied to the floor of a hotel corridor.

MyWax Plus is a concentrated acrylic wax for professional use with an extra glossy metallic finish.

It is the product that makes more beautiful and gives a new life to microcement floors.

Unlike MyWax, this product is not diluted with water. It is applicable directly to the substrate and helps to preserve the original state of the coating over time.

The application of the product does not affect the original characteristics of the floors and even help to reinforce them.

Technical Characteristics

MyWax Plus - Density

1,03 ± 0.01 g/mL

MyWax Plus - pH

between 8.5 - 9,5

MyWax Plus - Viscosity

12.84s (Copa Ford 4)

MyWax Plus - Solids



By machine: 20-40 mL/m2
By hand: 30-50 mL/m2

Carafe of concentrated acrylic protective wax for MyWax Plus microcement

Application of MyWaxPlus acrylic wax

1 - MyWax Plus is a highly resistant degreasing and descaling wax that does not go yellow over time.

2 - It does not contain toxic substances and is applied in two coats on the microcement surface, once the substrate is completely clean.

3 - After the last coat of MySealant 2K varnish , wait at least two weeks before applying MyMax Plus.

4 - Depending on the use of the surface, the waxing will have to be repeated from time to time.

5 - MyWax Plus container should be stored in a dry place with temperatures between 10ºC and 30ºC. It must be kept in its original container and avoid the direct sunlight.