Green and blue colored mass to the left of an inspirational quote from Wassily Kandinsky
Green and blue colored mass to the left of an inspirational quote from Wassily Kandinsky


Earth colored cloud under the name MyColour Base

MyColour Base is the range of primary colours that are added to the preparation of microcement.

Within this line we can find the six basic colours: white, black, blue, red, green and yellow.

These colours are the base of the chromatic range of MyColour Mix.

Technical Characteristics

MyColour Base - Alta estabilidad del color

High colour stability
The colours remain over time without alterations caused by light or ageing.

MyColour Base - Resistente a los álcalis

Resistant to alkalis
It is resistant to alkalis such as ammonia

MyColour Base - Compatible con los sistemas acuosos

Compatible with water systems
It is compatible with MyColour Base water paints.


MyColour Base

Depending on the colour of the dose to be made.


MyColour Base is presented in containers with a 0.5L dispenser

MyColour base pigment containers with dispenser

Method of application

It is a product that is ready to use and does not need to be diluted with other liquid components. For its application, just shake the container vigorously.

These pigmented pastes are used to colour the microcement, according to the proportions indicated in the technical data sheet. To get the most out of the material and prevent it from drying out, close the lid of the container after each use.

MyColour Base Maintenance

The container with the pigment should be stored in its original container in a dry, ventilated space where temperatures vary between 10 and 30ºC. The product must be protected from the weather and kept away from direct sun exposure.