Bedroom decorated with metallic paint
Bedroom decorated with metallic paint


Industrial style office decorated with MyOxid metallic paint under finishes with rust effect

MyOxid is the range of metallic paints that are designed to achieve metallic-looking finishes and with an oxid effect, thanks to the application of the MyRust oxid activator.

We have products to achieve finishes of bronze, copper, iron, and brass.

It is the range that allows giving an industrial and personal character to any non-transitable surface. It can be applied both on interior and exterior surfaces.

Technical Characteristics

Versatility of application
Applicable by spatula, brush, sponge, roller, or spray gun.

Applicable on any non-transitable surface.
Microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.

High Adherence to base
In less absorbent zones, it is recommended to first use our MyPrimer 200 adhesion promoter

Ready-to-use product
Do not dilute in water



(1 coat) - 0.15 L/m2

Metallic paints that to get finishes with a metallic look MyOxid

How to apply the MyOxid rust effect metallic paint?

1. Surface cleaning

Before applying MyOxid it must be checked that the support is clean and dry.
To ensure a total cleaning of the space it must be vacuumed if necessary.

2. Support preparation

1 coat of primer MyPrimer 100 if the surface is porous or MyPrimer 200 if the surface is NOT porous

3. Application

Apply 1 coat of MyOxid with a spatula on the desired space

Dry for 24 hours

4. Oxidation

Sand the surface
Polish the surface

Use MyRust to accelerate the oxidation

5. Surface sealing

2 coats of MyCover for protection

1 coat: Dry for 4 hours.
2nd coat: Dry for 12 hours.

6. Final sealing

Lijar y dejar pasar 12 horas

2capas de MySealant 2K
1 capa: Secar 24 horas.
2ª capa: Secar 24 horas.