Bedroom decorated with metallic paint
Bedroom wall decorated with metallic paint


Industrial style office decorated with MyOxid metallic paint under rust effect finishes

MyOxid is the product line of metallic paints that are designed to achieve metallic appearances and oxidizing effect, thanks to the application of the MyRust activator.

They are available bronze, copper, iron and brass finishes..

The product line offers a touch of industrial and personal character to any non-transit surfaces. It can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces..

Technical characteristics

MyOxid - Versatility of application

Versatility of application.
It can be applied by trowel, brush, sponge, roller or spray.

MyOxid - Applicable on any non-transit surfaces

Applicable on any non-transit surfaces.
Microcement, concrete, brick, ceramic, etc.

MyOxid - High adhesion to the substrate

High adhesion to the substrate.
In poorly absorbent areas it is recommended to use our adhesion promoter MyPrimer 200 beforehand

MyOxid - Ready-to-use product

Ready-to-use product
Do not dilute with water



(1 layer) - 0,15 L/m2

MyOxid, the product line of metallic paints that are designed to achieve metallic appearances and oxidizing effect

How to apply MyOxid rusty effect metallic paint?

1. Surface cleaning

Antes de aplicar MyOxid hay que comprobar que el soporte está limpio y seco.
Para asegurar una limpieza total del espacio hay que aspirar si es necesario. Before applying MyOxid, check that the substrate is clean and dry. To ensure a thorough cleaning of the space, vacuum if necessary.

2. Preparation of the substrate

Apply the 1st coat of primer MyPrimer 100 if the surface is porous or MyPrimer 200 if the surface is NOT porous.

3. Application

Apply 1 coat of MyOxid with a trowel on the desired area. Dry for 24 hours.

4. Oxidation

Sand the surface
Polish the surface

Use MyRust to accelerate oxidation.

5. Surface sealing

2 coats of MyCover to protect

1st coat: Dry 4 hours. 2nd coat: Dry 12 hours.

6. Final sealing

Lijar y dejar pasar 12 horas

2capas de MySealant 2K
1ª capa: Secar 24 horas.
2ª capa: Secar 24 horas. Sand and leave for 12 hours

2 coats of MySealant
1st coat: Dry 24 hours.
2nd coat: Dry 24 hours.