Tadelakt microcement floor in kitchen with sea views
Kitchen with sea views and tadelakt microcement floor


We travel 2000 years back in time with our new line of MyKal micro-cement, inspired by the ancient Moroccan tadelakt coating technique. With a similar finish, but with improved properties, our micro-cement creates spaces with a distinguished aesthetic, elegant, and natural-looking.

That is why at MyRevest we go one step further, we maintain the original and artistic decorative finish of the tadelakt and reinvent our micro-cement to create a material with greater chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as better workability and less environmental impact. Qualities contained in a lightweight material with a thickness of only 3 mm, allowing us to apply it on both floors and walls.

We find a coating of great decorative potential in our tadelakt micro-cement. Creativity will be your great ally to finally give rise to exotic rooms that shine with a life of their own.


Bathroom with tadelakt microcement floor

We present the MyKal XL line, our novel multifunctional micro-cement which can be used both as a preparation coating as well as a finish.

This lime mortar, of a two-component nature, gives us the freedom to apply it on both floors and non-passable surfaces, outdoor and indoor spaces.

This is due to the hardness of our microcement, as we have a robust and uniquely resistant material capable of withstanding all types of factors.

It represents the largest grain size within our MyKal microcement, a quality that makes its use oriented as a base material, but with the possibility of being used as a finish to create a more rustic effect.

Technical Characteristics

Resistencia a la flexión

Flexural resistance
10 N/m² (28 days)

Resistencia a la compresión

Compression resistance
45 N/m² (28 days)


In powder: 1175 ± 50 kg/m³
In paste: 1480 ± 50 kg/m³
Hardened: 1430 ± 50 kg/m³

Resistencia a la adherencia

Adhesion resistance
1.5 N/m² (28 days)


(2 coats) - 2.00 Kg/m2


For sale in 20 kg containers

Tadelakt microcement bucket MyKal XL 20 kg by MyRevest


Bathroom walls and floor coated with tadelakt microcement

The MyKal L line is presented as the other option of tadelakt microcement to be applied both as a base or finish, varying in grain size, as it offers us a finer grain that allows us to achieve more natural and firm results, maintaining, however, the same resistance.

Like in the previous example, this is a two-component lime-based mortar, applicable for interior, exterior, flooring, walls and ceilings.

With our MyKal L microcement, we will manage to give our supports greater stability, a quality that denotes the essential objective of this coating, as it is fundamentally designed as a preparation coating, but can also be used as a finish for more rustic finishes.

Technical Characteristics

Resistencia a la flexión

Bending strength
10 N/m² (28 days)

Resistencia a la compresión

Compression strength
50 N/m² (28 days)


As powder: 1175 ± 50 kg/m³
As paste: 1480 ± 50 kg/m³
Hardened: 1430 ± 50 kg/m³

Resistencia a la adherencia

Adhesion strength
1.5 N/m² (28 days)


(2 coats) - 1.4 Kg/m²


Available in 20 kg containers

Tadelakt microcement bucket MyKal L 20 kg by MyRevest


Kitchen with dark-colored tadelakt microcement floor

We present our innovative range of two-component microcement exclusively designed for use as a finishing coating.

It's a coating that can be applied on any type of surfaces or supports, regardless of whether the surface is walkable, not walkable, outdoor or indoor. The perfect option to create unique spaces full of textures and effects, which will provide them with great personality.

This fine-grain material offers finishes with a natural aesthetic and long-lasting surfaces thanks to its great hardness and resistance, not generating cracks under any circumstances.

Technical Characteristics

Resistencia a la flexión

Bending strength
10 N/m² (28 days)

Resistencia a la compresión

Compression strength
≥ 35 N/m² (28 days)


As powder: 1175 ± 50 kg/m³
As paste: 1450 ± 50 kg/m³
Hardened: 1390 ± 50 kg/m³

Resistencia a la adherencia

Adhesion strength
1.2 N/m² (28 days)


(2 coats) - 1 Kg/m²


Available in 20 kg containers

Tadelakt microcement bucket MyKal M 20 kg by MyRevest
Application of microcement with a rubber trowel


Modern style bathroom and tadelakt microcement shower

With MyKal S walls and other non-trafficable surfaces take center stage to be elevated to a higher decorative level.

This microcement, just 0.1 mm thick, has the ability to create environments of unparalleled elegance. A sophisticated style that will flood the rooms to create unique spaces with great character.

It is a two-component coating with the finest aggregate of all, a feature that makes it ideal for application in the decoration of vertical surfaces, reproducing on them a distinguished stucco finish.

Technical Characteristics

Resistencia a la flexión

Flexural resistance
7 N/m² (28 days)

Resistencia a la compresión

Compression resistance
≥ 22 N/m² (28 days)


In powder: 930 ± 50 kg/m³
In paste: 1420 ± 50 kg/m³
Hardened: 1310 ± 50 kg/m³

Resistencia a la adherencia

Adhesion resistance
1.2 N/m² (28 days)


0.5 kg/m2 with two coats


Available for sale in 15 kg containers

Tadelakt microcement bucket MyKal S 20 kg by MyRevest


The uniqueness of MyKal microcement shows us a material of great artistic value that gives the professional the ability to create splendid rooms with their own personality. A material that stands out wherever you look at it, the definitive fusion between art and coating, where both its artistic and functional qualities make it a unparalleled microcement.

Dining room with tadelakt microcement floor

Magnificent adhesion coating

Its great adhesion makes it a material capable of adapting to all kinds of surfaces or materials. It can be applied both in exterior and interior areas, as well as on vertical and horizontal supports. It also has no brakes to work on all kinds of materials, applying directly onto them without having to remove them: plasterboard, cement, plaster, tile, brick, metal, concrete, drywall, etc.

Ability to perform "Wet on wet"

One of its most standout and unique features. The technique of fresco on fresco will allow us to obtain results with a different decorative effect. A third layer of microcement should be applied when the second one stops being "tacky".

Joint-free continuous results

Spacious and infinite spaces by creating joint-free surfaces with a great resistance over time, which will prevent the generation of possible cracks or shrinkage in the microcement.

An uncommon resistance

The MyKal microcement presents us with a material that, despite having an appearance similar to that of tadelakt, its properties in terms of resistance are far superior. This coating is resistant to compression, abrasion, wear from pedestrian traffic, blows and scratches, temperature changes and UV light.

Decorative possibilities without borders

A coating with great decorative capacity thanks to its extensive palette of colors, as well as the ability to review its finishes, which allows obtaining different textures and final effects.

Eco-friendly coating

Its innovative formula made from lime gives us the opportunity to launch a more sustainable coating with less environmental impact.

Tadelakt microcement


MyResin is our water-based acrylic resin that serves as the B component for the MyKal line and other microcements. Its application ensures greater stability and substrate penetration, which generates more reliable results.

To apply it, the following steps must be followed to the letter to guarantee a successful application:

1Measure the quantities

Somewhat obvious, but essential. We must accurately calculate the quantities of both resin and microcement to be used. In this way we will ensure that the results are as efficient as possible. So, first of all, what we will do is pour the resin into a measuring container.

2Rinse off the dye

We mix one part of the measured resin with the pigment, so that we get a uniform result that brings out the maximum performance of the dye.

3Pour microcement into the final mix

In this last step, we pour the microcement powder into the bucket and start to mix until we have obtained a homogeneous result free of lumps.

Next, we show you the measurements that need to be considered to achieve a successful mix:

  • 20 kg of MyKal XL – 6 L of MyResin resin
  • 20 kg of MyKal L – 6.7 L of MyResin resin
  • 20 kg of MyKal M – 7.5 L of MyResin resin
  • 15 kg of MyKal S – 6.4 L of MyResin resin


The application of MyKal tadelakt microcement will not be the same on all supports. Its properties make it necessary to act differently when working on walls or floors. Next, we will show you both processes and their various steps.


Modern kitchen with sea views and tadelakt microcement floor

1Surface preparation.

Proper terrain adaptation must be carried out to ensure that it is free of imperfections such as dust, grease and moisture. We will also ensure that it is in optimum planimetric conditions.

2Application of primer

To guarantee the proper application of microcement on the surface, a primer is previously applied to the floor, which will be carried out with the corresponding product depending on the type of floor: MyPrimer 100, MyPrimer 200 and MyPoxy.

3Application of flexible fiber mesh

In order to avoid cracks or fissures, the MyMesh flexible fiber mesh should be applied to the microcement beforehand.

4Mix the MyKal mortar with the MyResin resin.

In order to avoid cracks or fissures, the MyMesh flexible fiber mesh should be applied to the microcement beforehand.

5Application of 2 layers of MyKal XL/L microcement

We will apply 2 coats of MyKal XL or L microcement, depending on the effect and finish we want to achieve. This application will be made with a metal trowel and you will need to wait 4 hours of drying between each coat, as well as sanding with a 40 grain.

6Application of 1 layer of MyKal XL/L/M microcement

We finish the coating by applying a coat of MyKal microcement. We will choose between the sizes XL, L, and M, based on the desired finish. We then let it dry for 4 hours and sand with a 40 grain sandpaper.

7Seal with 2 coats of MyCover and 2 coats of MySealant 2K

After 24 - 48 hours, we will proceed to seal the floor. We will apply 2 coats of MyCover varnish, leaving 4 hours between each coat; and another 2 coats of MySealant 2K varnish, leaving 8-24 hours between coats.


Living room with walls coated with tadelakt microcement

1Clean pavement and prepare levels and slopes.

We prepare the wall surface in order to leave it free of any element that could affect the performance of the application, such as fat, dust, etc.

2Apply the primer promoter

Depending on the wall we are working with, we will use different types of primers that ensure the proper functioning of the microcement, providing it with greater stability and strength. The choice would be between: MyPoxi, MyPrimer 200, and MyPrimer 100.

3We pour MyResin into the mortar

Beforehand we check the proportions on the technical data sheet and set out to add MyResin resin into a container. We pigment until we finally get a homogeneous finish. Once done, we incorporate the mortar and mix at low speed for at least 4 minutes.

4We add 2 coats of MyKal XL/L microcement

Depending on the result we want to obtain, we choose between XL or L microcement and apply 2 coats leaving to dry 4 hours between each one and sanding with 40-grit sandpaper.

5We add 1 coat of MyKal XL/L/M/S Microcement

Again, depending on the finish we want to achieve, we will choose between MyKal XL/L/M or S microcements. In this case only one layer will be applied and it will be sanded with 40-grit sandpaper to finish.

6We seal with 2 coats of MyCover and 2 coats of MySealant 2K

We let the surface rest between 24-48 hours and then proceed to seal the wall with 2 coats of MyCover varnish. We allow the surface to dry for 4 hours between each coat. Then, we apply 2 coats of MySealant 2K varnish. In this case, we wait a period of 8-24 hours between coats.

Application of microcement with a rubber trowel


With our MyKal microcement line, creative limits are set aside to give way to a wide range of upto 34 colors which will allow us to realize endless combinations and authentic results. This variety can expand upto 68 if the product is reviewed with a trowel.

Beautiful and durable surfaces with a long lifespan, which manage to make each space look like a high-end decoration.

In order for you to have a better idea of our colours and their variations, we have created a digital simulation that perfectly shows our complete MyRevest colour catalogue. On the left, you can observe the original microcement, and on the right, after it has been reviewed.

In case you want a custom colour, you also have the option to use our pigment pastes to achieve the desired colour.


It's a very old coating, original from Morocco, composed of several limes. It stands out for creating spaces with natural and highly waterproof finishes. Its primary use is for walls, but it can be applied on floors, facades, furniture, both indoor and outdoor areas.

Its origin dates back 2000 years ago, in Marrakech. The word tadelakt comes from "dalaka" which means "to massage, rub or polish", and one of the reasons it was created was the need to protect the walls of the hammams. It was also used in basins or riads and to create ceramic vessels.

The reason why tadelakt remains one of the most special and useful coatings nowadays, after thousands of years, is because its benefits are much superior than most materials. The most outstanding advantages are:

Clean environments, fungicidal material

Gracias al tadelakt las estancias ganan en higiene debido a su carácter antibacteriano, al igual que el cemento. Esto se debe a las propiedades fungicidas y bactericidas que contiene la cal.

Gran capacidad impermeable

Capaz de soportar tasas de humedad muy altas. La impermeabilidad es una de las ventajas que lo caracterizan gracias a su gran eficiencia.

Compuesto por materiales naturales

En el tadelakt encontramos un producto totalmente ecológico que está compuesto por materiales naturales que no perjudican al medio ambiente, ni a la salud humana, ni a la de los animales.

Oportunidades decorativas de gran variedad

Al ofrecernos una gran variedad de colores y la posibilidad de repasarlo, contamos con la posibilidad de un sinfín de acabados decorativos.

First primer phase

A primer layer for better adhesion of the tadelakt to the new support.

Moisturize the surface

We proceed to slightly dampen the support with water.

Application of 2 layers of tadelakt

We should first apply a layer of tadelakt to the surface. We let it dry overnight, make sure it is dry and apply the second layer, ensuring it is thicker than the previous one. Again, it is left to dry.

Final layer of wax for waterproofing

It is essential to proceed with a final layer of wax at the end of the process, with this we will achieve that the coating solidifies and obtain the waterproof finish that is so prized.

This microcement naturally enjoys minimal shrinkage, however, if we make use of the mesh for pavements, we assure total success guarantees.

Its fantastic properties make it ideal for any type of environment. It has no limits, as it is used for outdoor areas, interiors, facades, ceilings, walls, floors, furniture, etc.

To calculate the final price of the m2 of the tadelakt, it is necessary to take into account a series of factors that will directly affect the cost.

Condition of the support

If the surface on which it is going to be applied is not in optimal condition, it will have to be repaired in order to leave it in perfect condition, which will influence the final price.

Dimensions of the surface

The dimensions of the support to be coated directly affect the amount.

Quality of contracted material

Logically, if the product is of better quality and will guarantee better results, the price will be higher.

Applicator's rate

One of the factors that most makes the final price fluctuate, since each applicator has a different rate for the m2.

Desired results

Depending on the desired finish the price will increase or decrease. This is due to whether more or less work is required, such as adding more layers of the material or performing certain procedures which may increase the cost of the coating.

In order to improve its chemical resistance, it is recommended to apply a sealer or varnish to protect it. This way, we will apply two layers of MyCover followed by two more of MySealant 2K.

Negative. Although it is true that the XL, L, and M granulometrics are suitable for both surfaces, the S granulometry cannot be applied to the floor, only walls or other non-trafficable surfaces.

The choice of primer will vary depending on the result you want to achieve. Nevertheless, generally we always recommend choosing between MyPrimer 100 and MyPrimer 200. If the substrate is in a place with high humidity, we advise using MyPoxy.

The MyKal line contemplates 34 colors, 68 if reviewed, but if you still can't find the exact color for the client there is also the possibility of obtaining your desired color by mixing different pigments or based on our MyColour pastes.