Illustration with a professional applying sealer varnish
Illustration with a professional applying sealer varnish on a black background


Liquid preparation of the MyCover sealer varnish

MyCover is a colorless coating indicated for achieving a layer of protection over the microcement, as it allows negative pressure to breathe. It is formulated based on acrylic resin in water.

It also serves as a primer pore-filler facilitating the bond between the microcement and the MySealant 2K sealer. It is a product that helps to waterproof the surface.

This product allows creating a protective film to prevent abrasive products, moisture, or stains from damaging the microcement coating.

Technical Characteristics


Tack-free Drying
20 minutes


between 7.5 and 9


10 - 11s (Ford Cup 4)


Density at 20ºC
1 ± 0.01 g/mL



(2 coats) - 0.12 L/m²

White gallon of the yCover sealer varnish

Methods of MyCover Application

The first step to applying MyCover is to ensure that the surface of microcement is dry and without the presence of dust. To apply the pre-sealing the environmental and ventilation conditions of the place where the application is going to be carried out must be taken into account.

Before applying MyCover, it is necessary to wait at least 24 hours since the last layer of microcement was applied.

It is necessary to shake the container of the primer before its use to homogenize and get the most out of the content.

MyCover is applied in two layers using a roller and between applications a drying time of 4 hours is necessary. Subsequently, two coats of MySealant 2K water-based polyurethane varnish are applied to protect the coating and increase its resistance.