Pool with white microcement
White pool lined with microcement


It's time to plunge into a world of unique sensations. Make each bath unforgettable and much more relaxing thanks to our microcement for swimming pools MyPool.

With our two-component microcement for pools, you will create continuous spaces where elegance and modernity come together on edges, crowns, and pools. Coatings that will remain unchanged over time due to the magnificent features it offers. A mortar capable of resisting UV rays, water vapor and any impact, maintaining a perfect appearance indefinitely.

With MyPool not only can pools be endless, but also fountains, ponds, saunas or spas or any other area that is in constant contact with water can benefit from these aesthetic characteristics. A microcement of simple application that allows the professional to opt for different techniques, as it can be done with the fresh-on-fresh technique.


White microcement for pools

MyPool XXL is the preparation microcement for swimming pools that has a thickness of aggregate of 0.9 mm. This gives it that rough texture and an unusual hardness in this type of coatings with which it converts each surface on which it is applied into a resistant area regardless of the area in which it is applied. Its versatility opens a world of fields of application, in which the firmness of the base in the pool, always submerged, or on the edges and crown is always guaranteed.

This granulometry is transformed into a roughness that not only creates new ones from scratch or renews existing surfaces in beautiful and resistant spaces, but also adds an extra layer of security. With MyPool XXL, safe spaces from falls and slips are easily obtained thanks to its non-slip finishes. A fundamental factor when we talk about swimming pools.

Technical Characteristics

Maximum aggregate thickness
0.9 mm

Bending strength
≥ vv9 N/m2 (28 days)

Slip resistance (EN-ENV-12633)
Class 2 or 3 depending on the finish that is left.

Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)
≥55 N/m² (28 days)

Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)
≥ 1.5 N/m² (28 days)


The performance of the MyPool XL preparation microcement for swimming pools is at 2 hands 4.0 kg/m2


The product is available in 18 kg containers.

Microcement bucket MyPool XXL 20 kg by MyRevest


Microcement for pools on a terrace overlooking the sea

In MyPool XL, the finishing microcement for swimming pools, the aggregate size is 0.6 mm. This provides a fineness that impregnates with softness the surfaces on which it is applied. A necessary finish to create those infinite surfaces that invite you to relax at any time.

However, despite the delicate finish that seems viewed from the surface, this coating is extraordinarily robust and helps to consolidate the surface covered with microcement. Aesthetic and functional uniformity for surfaces of endless continuity.

Características Técnicas

Maximum aggregate thickness
0.6 mm

Bending strength
≥ vv9 N/m2 (28 days)

Slip resistance (EN-ENV-12633)
Class 2 or 3 depending on the finish left.

Compression resistance (EN 13892-2)
≥55 N/m² (28 days)

Adhesion resistance (EN 13892-8)
≥ 1.5 N/m² (28 days)


The performance of the MyPool XL preparation microcement for pools is at 2 coats 3.0 kg/m2


The product is available in 18 kg containers.

Microcement bucket MyPool XXL 20 kg by MyRevest


White microcement pool in hotel

MyResin Pool is a water-based acrylic resin used as a primer for the MyPool system. It is the so-called component B that raises the ability to resist water vapor, increasing its permeability and its impermeability.

Another benefit of this product is that when applied, shrinkage cracks are minimized.

Blend ratio

3.2 - 3.5L per 10 kg MyPool XL
3 - 3.1L per 10 kg MyPool XXL.


(2 coats) - MyResin Pool has a yield of 0.10 L/m², although it can vary depending on the porosity of the support


The product is available in 25-liter containers

MyResin Pool resin container 25 Liters
Aplicación de microcemento con una llana de goma


Microcement curb in pool at a house

This mono-component water-based acrylic varnish is designed to increase both the mechanical and chemical resistances of those surfaces that are lined with microcement thanks to being composed of acrylic copolymers.

This product shows a very high resistance to alkalis, which comes in handy in environments where humidity is usually present.

Technical Characteristics


between 6.5 and 7.5

Viscosity (Ford Cup 4):
10-15 seconds

Density at 20ºC
1 ± 0.01 g/mL

Application Temperature
From 10ºC to 25ºC

Tack-free Drying
20 minutes


0.12 L/m2 in two coats


Envases de 5 litros

Tadelakt microcement bucket MyKal S 20 kg by MyRevest


Hotel with white microcement pool

Maximum reliability

This is a product with a high degree of water impermeability, as we have already seen, it guarantees that no shrinkage cracks or bubbles will appear.

For all types of pools

This microcement for pools is prepared to apply both in freshwater pools and in those that are saltwater. In either of these two, it demonstrates all the features it has, both chemically and mechanically.

Unparalleled aesthetics

With MyPool, pools become places of maximum relaxation thanks to the continuous surfaces it ensures, which are in line with the latest decorative trends.

Versatility of application

Both on edges, in the basin or in the crown of any pool, this microcement can be applied on any surface, guaranteeing the best results in each one.

Guaranteed safety

With MyPool, thanks to the thickness of its aggregate and the sealer that can be applied to it, slipping in pools is over.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance

Being a continuous surface thanks to its absence of joints, it prevents the accumulation of dirt in joints, allowing the pool to always be in the best conditions.

Great workability

This quality is demonstrated when it shows that it can also be applied with the fresh on fresh technique, with which different results can be obtained.


MyResin Pool is our water-based acrylic resin designed specifically for our MyPool microcement for pools. This acts as component B to provide the coated surfaces with superior adhesion and hardness, as well as great water vapor permeability and high water resistance.

Next, the mixing process that must be respected from start to finish in order to achieve the best results.

1Measure quantities

Firstly, to make an application as efficient and effective as possible, we have to be very precise in measuring both the resin and the preparatory microcement. To achieve an optimal mix, the following proportions must be observed:

  • 10 kg of MyPool XL: 3.2 - 3.5 liters of MyResin Pool resin.
  • 10 kg of MyPool XXL: 3 - 3.1 liters of MyResin Pool resin.

It is necessary to take into account that these proportions can change, depending on the climatic conditions.

2Mix components A and B

Once the components have been measured thoroughly, they should be poured into a container and stirred together with an electric whisk (this is a recommendation) until they form a smooth, lump-free mixture.


Following various studies that we have carried out, we have decided to reduce our color chart for swimming pool microcements to two neutral colors, such as Pigmented White and Natural White, which blend with both the surroundings and the swimming pools themselves.

These enhance the sense of calm and relaxation and, when spread out over jointless surfaces, the sensation of infinity is increased even more.


Apply MyResin Pool primer

To ensure perfect adhesion of the microcement to the surface, a layer of MyPoolResin should be applied with a roller. Allow to dry for between 30 and 45 minutes.

Mix MyColor Pool with MyPool

Now the pigment must be mixed with the microcement. Thus, MyColor Pool should be shaken and adhered to MyResin Pool. Then, the corresponding granulometry of MyPool should be added and mixed for about 4 minutes.

Apply two coats of MyPool XXL preparation microcement

First, apply a coat without pigment and let it dry for 4-8 hours. After this time, apply a second coat with the pigment and respect the same drying time.

Apply two coats of the MyPool XL finishing microcement

At this time, you need to apply two coats of MyPool XL and allow them to dry for 4-8 hours between coats. If you want to do it "on fresh", apply the second coat of MyPool XL an hour after the first.

Seal the pool with two coats of MySealant Pool varnish

To protect the applied microcement, you need to apply two coats of MySealant Pool 24 hours later, allowing 4-8 hours between each coat. After this process is finished, let it dry for 7 days.

Fill the pool with water

After 7 days from the sealer application, fill the microcement pool with water.

Apply two coats of the MyPool XL finishing microcement

At this time, you need to apply two coats of MyPool XL and let them dry for 24 hours. If you want to do it "on fresh", apply the second coat of MyPool XL an hour after the first.

Aplicación de microcemento con una llana de goma


The coating system should have a thickness between 3 to 5 mm. Under no circumstances should this figure be exceeded. If you want surfaces with greater smoothness, just sand the layers with 40 or 80 grit sandpapers.

Suspend the installation and postpone it to another time when it does not rain. It is highly recommended to check the weather conditions.

Without any problem. This microcement system for swimming pools can be used both in those that have already been built and those that have not yet been built.

Of course, you just need to waterproof the concrete to ensure the support is in the best conditions.

With waterproofing mortars and gresite, due to the anchoring on these supports.

MyPool is a system that has its own specific primer. This is MySealant Pool.

MySealant Pool has been designed as a specific sealer for the MyPool microcement for swimming pools. If another varnish were applied, chemical resistances and hardness would decrease, so we do not recommend it.

Due to its drying speed, it is possible to apply the two coats of varnish in the same day. Just leave between 5-6 hours between coats.

It is possible but from MyRevest® we urge not to deviate from the two colors, Natural White and White (with pigment) that we present in our chart, as they are the ones with guarantees.

The maintenance to follow is the same as would be required for any other type of swimming pool or material. However, it is advisable to carry out a pressure water cleaning every 1 or 2 years on the last layer of varnish. However, the surface must be sanded beforehand.

Specifically, 7 days after having sealed it.

Yes. Thanks to the hardness of this microcement system, it can also be used to cover terraces.

Of course. MyPool is a system designed to be applied in both saltwater pools and those with chlorine.

It is very simple. After applying the third coat, apply the fourth between 4 and 8 hours later. This is the way to apply "wet on wet" with our MyPool microcement system for pools.