Wall of a cafeteria decorated with a metallic finish
Wall of a cafeteria decorated with a metallic finish and touches of rust effect


Decorative cladding on the floor of a restaurant decorated in light tones and designed with high ceilings

MyRust is the water-based oxidizing activator that reacts when it contact with metal particles. It accelerates the oxidation process of MyMetal and MyOxid products.

It is a special product to enhance the decorative appearance of metallic and oxidizing effect finishes. Wall coverings will have an even more particular and personal touch.

With the oxidizing activator, the decorative options for metallic coatings multiply. Any finish effect will offer an exclusive and natural touch to the space. It is a product of highly elegant.

Technical characteristics

Can be applied outdoors and indoors

Can be applied outdoors and indoors

Can be applied by spraying

Can be applied by spraying

Applicable on MyMetal and MyOxid

Applicable on MyMetal and MyOxid



(1ª layer) - 305 g/m2


(2ª layer) - 260 g/m2

Water-based oxidizing activator MyRust

How to apply the oxidizing activator?


MyRust allows a oxidizing finish to be obtained by using it on MyMetal metallic coating. Prior to application, the surface must be sanded.

The activator is applied by a sprayer to the entire surface or specific parts, depending on the finish desired. The product must be left to act for 8 hours. Subsequently, the parts where you wish a metallic shine must be sanded with 2000 grit sandpaper.

After the application of MyRust, apply two coats of MyCover. The drying time between coats is 4 hours.

Leave 12 hours of drying time after the second, then followed by sanding with 400 grit sandpaper. The sealing process is completed with two coats of MySealant 2K varnish. Allow 24 hours drying time between the two coats.


Once MyOxid has been applied and the product has been dried for 24 hours, the surface must be degreased and sanded thoroughly. When the surface has been prepared, the oxidizing agent can be applied by spray to improve the quality of the finish.

It can also be applied by roller if a smooth finish is desired. Irregular finishes with a oxidizing effect can also be achieved with a sponge or spray.

In this case, MyRust also needs 8 hours to act.
After the sealing process the entire metal coating application is completed.