Why has microcement conquered interior decoration?

Polished cement was one of the materials most used in the 20th century in industrial spaces and apartments, but as the years gone by, themicrocementhas turned into the coating that creates trends in interior decoration.

Microcement has conquered the interior design world thanks to the design possibilities it offers, its high performances and durability. It is a material that allows covering floors, walls, and furniture with a continuous surface without the need for endless works that generate extra costs.

When one is about to decorate a house, it is normal to have many ideas, but also doubts about whether to opt for a Nordic, industrial, contemporary, classic, minimalist style, etc. There are many ways to give a personal touch to a room, a living room, a kitchen, or a bathroom. All these styles and spaces have a common decorative coating: microcement.

It's a decorative coating chameleon that conquers any room thanks to its ability to adhere to any surface. It allows to create a beautiful and striking aesthetic in any corner of the house. No decorative style can resist it, want to check it out?.

How to create a Nordic style with micro-cement?

The Nordic style captures the desire to live in cozy environments and has multiplied its presence in home decoration, moving away from more traditional design and focusing on visual purity. But if you still have any doubts, it is a style that is summed up in white walls and modern furniture.

The basis of the Nordic style is the presence of nature, so materials like wood, cotton, wool or linen will be key.

Bedroom coated with microcement with Nordic-style decoration Y, ¿cómo contribuye el microcemento a crear una decoración de estilo nórdico?. Es un material que contribuye a potenciar la luz, que es la razón de ser de esta corriente decorativa. La ausencia de juntas de dilatación aumenta la luminosidad y la sensación de amplitud de la superficie. Por lo tanto, no es de extrañar que los micro-cement coatings sean un aliado para un estilo que se basa en una estética limpia y minimalista. Se adaptan a la perfección a la funcionalidad y sencillez que caracteriza a las casas de estilo nórdico, además de recoger la esencia de la simplicidad y las líneas puras que distinguen a esta corriente decorativa.

Micro-cement caters to the need to create elegant and spacious spaces with light colors. In the Nordic style, the presence of beige, gray, and particularly white is typical. With this type of coating, you can also achieve the contrast between white and black, one of the quintessential combinations of Nordic decoration.

The micro-cement and the contemporary style

A contemporary style in interior decoration is based on sophistication, simplicity, and clean lines. And when we talk about modernity and styles that are based on the deliberate use of textures, it's inevitable to think about micro-cement.

In contemporary interiors, the trend is to create comfortable spaces as opposed to surfaces full of furniture and with little light. The beauty of continuous micro-cement floors translates into simple, neat, and smooth shapes, which also offer interesting contrasts and shadows.

Microcement on the walls and floors of a house with spacious and modern spaces

The minimalist, modern, and refined lines of this coating provide an ultra-modern touch ideal for achieving a contemporary style with personality. Its versatility is infinite in texture and colors, which allows obtaining a variety of finishes without limits.

TheMyFloor microcementis the best ally for creating durable indoor floors with elegant finishes. It is the two-component microcement (cement and resin) that offers the most exquisite detail with a natural result.

Interior decoration with an industrial style

But, what happens if we opt for an industrial style? Does microcement fit in an architectural style that bases its appeal on the power of exposed brick? Is it a suitable combination to create elegant finishes?.

Before starting any interior design project it is important to think about all these questions to opt for the most suitable coating. The reality is that opting for an industrial look is not at odds with the application of microcement.

To give an own touch to the industrial style, a good idea is to cover themicrocement floorsso that they combine with the exposed brick walls. It is a good way to communicate both surfaces and encourage natural light to flood the room.

Microcement on the floor of an industrial-style living room overlooking a garden

In this living room you can appreciate the impact generated by the microcement floor in the middle of exposed brick walls. The combination of both materials and the rest of the elements that inhabit the room, results in an industrial decoration with clear and natural tones.

Microcement and minimalism to create trend

Nordic design and minimalism are styles that captivate, but they are not the same. Both coexist in harmony with microcement, which as a decorative coating is a natural enhancer of these two styles.

Minimalism seeks to reduce colors and materials used for decoration to the maximum. In this style it is common to find sofas of the same color as walls or floors of the same color as tables, but above all it is a trend that barely uses decorative elements.

Microcement on the floor to enhance the minimalist style of a clean living room with spacious spaces

Above all, minimalism seeks to convey a sense of greater space, which is achieved with the presence of a few objects that interrupt the visual path. A concept that leads to microcement, which bases its power on the creation of continuous and uniform surfaces to enhance spaces. It is the material that allows to do more with less, an idea that connects perfectly with the minimalist style.

Do you dare to combine microcement with your favorite style? Tell us which one!.