Why has microcement conquered interior decoration?

Polished cement was one of the most widely used materials in the 20th century in industrial spaces and flats, but gradually microcement has become the most sought-out trendy cladding for interior decoration

Microcement has conquered the world of interior design thanks to the wide possibilities, high performance and durability it offers. It is a material that allows floors, walls and furniture to be covered with a continuous cladding without the need of endless renovating and costy work.

When decorating a house, it is normal to have many ideas, but also doubts about whether to go for styles of Nordic, industrial, contemporary, classic, or minimalist, etc. There are many ways to give a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom special looks. All these styles and spaces can have a decorative coating in common: microcement.

It is a chameleon-like decorative covering that conquers any room thanks to its properties to adhere to any surfaces. It allows you to create a beautiful and amazing aesthetic in any corners of the house. No decorative style can resist it, do you want to prove it by yourself?

How to create a Nordic style with microcement?

The Nordic style is very attractive for the cosy atmosphere and has increased its presence in home decoration by means of being different from more traditional design and focusing on visual purity. But if you still have any doubts, it's a style that in general includes white walls and modern furniture.
The basis of the Nordic style is connection with the nature, so materials such as wood, cotton, wool or linen are the key elements.

Bedroom covered with microcement in a nordic-style decoration

And how does microcement contribute to create a Nordic style decoration? It is a material that enhances light and that is one of the reasons of being trendy. The absence of joints increases the luminosity and the feeling of spaciousness.

Therefore, it is not surprising that microcement is the best choice for a style based on clean aesthetics and lighter colour tones. They are perfect in terms of the functionality and simplicity that characterize Nordic style. The essence of simplicity and pure lines also distinguish this decorative trend form others.

Microcement meets the need to create elegant and spacious spaces with light colours. In the Nordic style, colours like beige, grey and especially white are common. It is also possible to achieve the contrast between black and white, one of the excellent combinations of Nordic decoration.

Microcement and contemporary style

The contemporary style in interior decoration is based on sophistication, simplicity and clean lines. When we talk about modernity which is focusing on the careful use of textures, it is inevitable to think of microcement.

The contemporary interiors design is to create comfortable spaces, different form style that is full of furniture and with little light. The beauty of continuous microcement flooring shows out simple, ordered and smooth aspects, as well as interesting contrasts and shadows.

Microcement on the walls and floors of a house with large, modern spaces

The minimalist, modern and clean-lined character of this coating has a very modern touch, ideal for a contemporary style with personality. Its versatility is boundless in texture and colours, allowing for an unlimited variety of finishes.

MyFloor microcement is the best choice for creating durable interior floors with elegant appearances. It is two-component microcement (cement and resin) that offers the most exquisite detail with a natural look.

Interior decoration with an industrial style

But what if we choose an industrial style, does microcement fit in this architectural style which is appealing by the exposed bricks? is it a suitable combination for an elegant result?

Before starting any interior design projects, it is important to think about all these questions in order to choose the most suitable cladding. The truth is that the accomplishment to an industrial look is not at odds with the application of microcement.

To present a touch of the industrial style, a good idea is to cover the floors with microcement to combine them with the exposed brick walls. This is a good way of communicating both surfaces and allowing natural light to shed the room.

To present a touch of the industrial style, a good idea is to cover the floors with microcement to combine them with the exposed brick walls. This is a good way of communicating both surfaces and allowing natural light to shed the room.

Microcemento on the floor of an industrial-style living room with a view to a garden

In this living room you can enjoy the impact arising from the microcement floor in the middle of exposed brick walls. The combination of both materials and the rest of the elements in the room results in an industrial decoration with light and natural tones.

Microcement and minimalism to create trends

Nordic design and minimalism are styles that make people fall in love, but they are not the same. Both coexist in harmony with microcement which reinforces these two styles.

Minimalism seeks to reduce colours and materials in decoration as much as possible. In this style it is common to find sofas with the same colour as the walls or floors and tables, but above all minimalism is a design that uses very few decorative elements.

Microcement on the floor to highlight the minimalist style in a clean and spacious living room

Minimalism mainly seeks to transmit a sensation of greater space, which is achieved by the presence of few objects that interrupt the visual path. A concept that coincides with microcement, which bases its power on the creation of continuous and uniform surfaces to enhance spaces. It is the material that allows you to present more sensations with very little elements, an idea that connects perfectly with the minimalist style

Do you dare to combine microcement with your favourite style, tell us which one!.